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What a day of English football! In all seriousness today’s games were lackluster and that’s being charitable. The Merseyside Derby ended with no goals and a number of articles like this. Chelsea bagged three points at Old Trafford thanks to a Phil Jones own goal. Rafael was sent off in the 89th minute for lashing out at David Luiz. The punishment was more for the intent than the actual pain inflicted and the ensuing melee didn’t help the Brazilian’s cause. In any case, that’s some good acting. Ben Kingsley’s Gandhi good.

Chelsea’s victory sets up a huge fixture on Wednesday, when Spurs visit Stamford Bridge.

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  1. Well, United certainly played like a team who had little to play for except some pretty pointless records.

    Hopefully the transfer window will address the problem of United’s midfield being unable to function properly without Michael Carrick. The shape was very poor at times.

    As an aside, was the goal marked down as a Jones O.G.? I’m sure Mata’s shot was going on target.

    • Agreed.

      United needs an elite engine-type player in the central mid to further progress/solidify any chance of winning the Champions League in the near future.

  2. Luiz is a five star donkey, but Rafael can’t put himself in those types of situations. Not worth it.


    • I was surprised Rafael lost his head like that, I know United just conceded, but it seemed to come out of nowhere.

  3. I tend to like when refs don’t show a card, but there were a few opportunities for a yellow as united were pretty clutchy. The red is a head scratcher….

    Rafael has been on the other end of those dubious dives enough times that I feel zero pity for him. It’s his type of game, and he got caught on the wrong end of it.

    Luiz is great player too imo

  4. Disgusting from David Luiz, but Rafael did not help matters. That being said, sadly I must admit Chelsea were the better team in all departments. United were pretty pathetic and need to address that midfield in the summer if they want to have any chance of competing in the champions league.

    • The problem I see is where this world class box-to-box midfielder is going to come from. Surely the player United are looking for would be hard to get as their current team would be keen to keep them.

      While SAF has hinted at making a big name signing this summer, I think we all know that it will probably, if it happens, be a forward; that is just his style. United have been linked with that midfielder from the Dutch league (I can’t remember his name), maybe that is the way to go; buy relatively cheap and hope he develops into the needed midfielder.

  5. Kevin Strootman from PSV, I think is who you mean. He’s more a of a ball playing midfielder. I would prefer a more physical presence, but at this point, anything would be an upgrade over what we have right now I suppose. The other option which has been rumoured as you quite rightly said, is that we’ll go for a forward and push Rooney back into midfield which might not actually be a bad idea.

  6. Well, add another one to the “GIFs fans of other sports haul out to show how ridiculous soccer is” collection….

  7. Normally I would be upset at the performance and the play acting. But then I look at the table and we are already Champions. Really couldn’t give a crap about the result and the stupid red card call. I would like to see the FA do something about the play acting, but who am I kidding? It’s the FA.

  8. what about alex song? very under rated player and all he does is warm barcas bench nehow i think hes keen on a return to the prem i think he wud fit in he provides a physical presence needed and hes very adapt as far as man u horrendous performance at home where was that last week at the emirates? fergie said his a team wud b out against arsenal and chelsea cause theyre rivals but that sure wasnt the a team against the blues and after we give u van pusssy…. pricks

  9. So much 4 playing strongest team then Fergie, you fucking hypocrite.. where was it then?? On the frigging bench thats where??
    Hopefully lots more disasters to come for u Mancs.. in whatever form that mayb..

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