It’s that time when we solicit your questions for our Thursday podcast! Please send them over either to counterattack@thescore.com, or drop ‘em down below, or Tweet them with the hashtag #counterattackquestion. Yes, we will allow questions about Alex Ferguson.


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  1. Vieras and Vidukas for Ferguson!

  2. Just gonna re-post the unanswered question from last week:

    Is being good on the ball the primary requirement for being a good full-back nowadays? Apart from Philip Lahm and Ashley Cole, I can’t think of too many world-class full-backs in the past 5-7 years who mastered both attack AND defense. So many full-backs nowadays seem to have mastered only the former and not the latter.

  3. Who are your favorite creative midfielders to watch besides members of the Spanish national team?

  4. Posting my q from last week as well:

    Do you think teams should substitute their star players, RVP for United, Ronaldo for Real Madrid, Messi for Barca and so on, after the 70 odd minute if they are dominating a game 2-0 or more to prevent them from injury, and keep them ‘fresh’ for the amount of games the big teams play?


  5. Am I the only one who thinks united should go out and get ol’ yuppy from bayern? I know he’s retiring but give him an offer he can’t refuse.

  6. What kind of player do you think would be the best bargain on the transfer market? A striker in a goalscoring drought?

  7. How many Premier League clubs will have a new manager next season? I think at least 4 (United, Everton, Chelsea, & Stoke)

  8. Name your best forward defender midfielder and goalie under the age of 21

  9. After the 5 goal Performance that Miroslav Klose had vs Bologna last week, How highly do you rate him. For me, he has been one of the most consist goalscorer in the past 10 years. What does the Crazy Gang think about this?

  10. Fill in the blank question: “If David Moyes is the new Utd boss. Utd fans should be happy if the team finishes in _______th place and reaches the __________ stage of the Champions League.”

  11. It’s often been mooted in the media that manchester united won the title despite not having a proper all around central midfielder, do they still need one and if so who in europe would be fill that role (apart from Wesley Sneijder)?

  12. No one cares about Manchester United. Who’s going to take over at Everton and what’s the club’s future? No transfer budget, good players who will mostly be sold and their one real positive, a stable continuity of management is presumabley no more.

    What kind of candidate would be interested?!?!?

    Redknapp, Pepe Mel, O’Neill? All I know is that Phil Brown ain’t available son

  13. Assuming David Moyes gets the job, who do you think he will bring in during the summer, and who do you think he will sell?

  14. How will Stiliyan Petrov be remembered at Aston Villa and Celtic now that he’s officially announced his retirement?

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