Wigan capture the FA Cup

Wow. Gus Johnson angered American viewers with his commentary and Pablo Zabaleta was sent off after receiving his second yellow for a reckless challenge on Callum McManaman but the story is Wigan. For the first time ever a side that won the FA Cup could be relegated. For a few days–perhaps longer–that hypothetical will not matter (and either way they’ll still have Europe). Dave Whelan’s club lifts the trophy at Wembley. That will never not sound strange. Strange but awesome. Sport can be great sometimes.

Gif via the always great @FeintZebra

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  1. Good on Wigan. Now I can forgive them for beating United during the run-in last season. Only one trophy getting lifted and one parade in Manchester this weekend- makes Sir Alex’s retirement party that much sweeter. Manchester is red!

  2. Gus Johnson would have ruined this occasion were it not for the ability to listen to Talksport Live app. Not angry, just disappointed at Fox for using soccer fans as guinea pigs. Bring on NBC.

  3. Ya… What did Johnson do?? I loved his match winning call!!

  4. City fan here…once Mancini dropped Costel P for Hart karma bit them hard. Should have stayed with the players who got you to that final and not drop Hart in at the last second, that was a “enter bad word here” move.

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