From the horses mouth, the horse being a club statement from Manchester City.

“It is with regret that Manchester City Football Club announces that Roberto Mancini has been relieved of his duties as Manchester City Manager. This has been a difficult decision for the owner, Chairman and Board to make and it is the outcome of a planned end of season review process that has been brought forward in light of recent speculation and out of respect for Roberto and his extensive contributions to the Football Club.”

Expected stuff, especially after speculation from the weekend. Richard will have more on this shortly.

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  1. Damn. Manchester City is already a better team and they still have their 100 million pound transfer season. Let’s hope they get another Barry and another Sinclair- as long as it’s not Christine, since she actually has skill.

  2. I’m a reasonable guy, but I have an unexplainable hatred for this man. Glad they sacked him.

  3. Oh dear. Will poor Roberto and his cromulent quaff ever make an impact in the champion’s League?

    After this news….no….probably not. I can’t see him getting another job as high profile (and high-budget) as Manchester City. Hopefully he can use this as an opportunity to set aside the clipboard and pursue his true passions of hairdressing and avant garde scarf design.

  4. Mancini to Chelsea, Rafa to City anyone? Anyone?…..

    • I’ve always thought Rafa would make an excellent replacement. He wouldn’t put up with any of the nonsense from the idiots in the squad and his teams have always performed well against united. Bobby Manc to Chelsea…..no.

  5. So a team that went from complete irrelevancy to the last three years of a 3rd, 1st and 2nd place finish plus three trophies over that time…sacks their manager?

    • Can you name Man City’s best starting XI? Neither can Mancini. Losing a Cup final to a team with only 5 to 10% of your payroll was the icing on the cake.

      • “Can you name Man City’s best starting XI? Neither can Mancini. ”

        now that was probably the most succinct description of the reason he should be tossed that I’ve seen. bravo.

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