Our weekly homage to Harper’s magazine. Thanks to all the Opta accounts for some of these, and to whoscored.com for a couple of the others.

Roberto Mancini’s career win percentage: 56.31%.

Alex Ferguson’s career win percentage: 58.17%.

Alex Ferguson’s win percentage against Kevin Keegan: 40%.

Estimated number of plastic flags at Old Trafford on Sunday to commemorate Alex Ferguson’s final game there: 70,000.

Number of years between PSG’s Ligue last two Ligue 1 titles: 19.

Number one hit in France in May 1994: East 17′s “It’s Alright.”

Expected release date of East 17′s new album: late 2013.

Radamel Falcao’s release clause at Atletico Madrid, met by Monaco : €60 million.

Falcao’s transfer fee paid by Atletico to Porto in 2011: €40 million.

Jorge Mendes’ agent’s fee for the Atletico transfer: less than €3.705 million.

Jorge Mendes’ agent’s fee for Monaco transfer: unknown.

Number of incidents of racial abuse in Italian football since 2000 documented by the Observatory on Racism and Anti-racism in Football: 660+.

Total amount of fines from said incidents: $5 million.

Per incident fine average: $7,500.

Number of days Chievo went without conceding a penalty before this past weekend: 371.

Crude estimate via James Grayson of the value of a Premier League goal: £1.2-3.9 million.

Rank of Wigan in the Premier League last season by turnover and wage bill respectively: 20th, 17th.

Wigan profit before tax: £4 million.

Rank of Arsenal this season in possession, pass accuracy and aerial duels won, respectively: 1,1,3.

Rank of Manchester United this season in possession, pass accuracy and aerial duels won, respectively: 4, 2, 5.

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  1. Last two stats are pretty interesting. Is there a possible way to break down the same against the top half and bottom half of the table?

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