Quite literally, apparently:

Jack Lang at Snap! Kaka and Pop has the full list here. It’s who’s not on the list that has caused a stir in Brazil and around the football world. No Kaka. No Ronaldinho. No Ramires. No Coutinho. And no Rafael. This might be an expression of depth, but it’s also a sign of different thinking under Felipe Scolari:

To that end though, it’s an intriguing list. Lucas Moura made the cut, as did Oscar and Hermanes. There are a lot of defenders too. In the end, it’s the Confederations Cup. Despite the considerable allure, it’s a test run, a friendly tournament. Some intense playing minutes together in 2013 doesn’t set anything in stone for 2014. It strengthens Brazil’s considerable depth. No need to panic.

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  1. scolari knows his shit. as opposed to most coaches. when someone does something well, the mediocre majority reacts.

  2. Not shocked about the Kaka and Ronaldinho omissions. Ramires was a big surprise. Thought he’d be a good second half sub when leading a match.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but that is a heavily tilted domestic squad. Don’t think it’s intended necessarily as a B team either as much as it is an experiment in a new direction.

    Gravitation pull is starting to move in the opposite direction…

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