This, thrown in our collective Twittering faces by CA contributor Andi Thomas, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s a website that asks you to pledge money to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United. The details:

Aimed at Manchester United football fans around the world, built on the crowd-funding concept, we are asking fans to make a pledge, conditional on Manchester United signing Ronaldo. Each fan is to pledge £10 deposit to reserve an authentic Manchester United Ronaldo 7 shirt.

Should Manchester United succeed – then each fan will be sent an email to request the remaining amount for the shirt which will be no higher than £55 for Men and Womens shirts and £50 for Kids Shirts. Should Manchester United fail – pledge funds will be returned to the fans based on our Terms and Conditions.

The company is Equius Ltd. UK, which doesn’t have an obvious web presence in any way shape or form, which is always a good thing. I contacted the Man United press office, and they stated the site has “…no affiliation with the club at all.” Despite this, the FAQ states that “All pledge details will be passed onto Manchester United as well as all funds raised. Man U club shop with the assistance of Nike will ensure that all pledges are fulfilled” (I’m awaiting a follow-up from United on whether they’d accept the funds).

Oh, and those terms and conditions on the refund should Ronaldo not make it to United?

If the movement is not Successful by 31 August 2013 we will refund your deposit in British Pounds (£) less any Administrative Fee.

And how is that administrative fee calculated?

In the event the movement is Successful, 5% of the Total Price; or

In the event that the movement is not Successful, £3.00 on the £10 pledge.

So 30% of your 10 pound pledge, and 5% of the shirt price. Anyway, this is great if you think that the Glazer family needs your direct financial assistance in getting Ronaldo to come back to United.

UPDATE: the club states the website would be “better off sending the money to UNICEF.” Agreed.