Lookie here! Some rando on Twitter says so! Well, a Reuters Miami correspondent:

Perhaps not the most closely guarded secret in Major League Soccer at the moment. I emailed MLS’s vice president of communications Dan Courtemanche for comment on how far this thing has progressed and will get back to you if I hear anything that is remotely interesting.

But from a fantasists perspective, you know a league has arrived when the foreign owners start showing up trying to run the place.

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  1. It was always a no brainer that Beckham would own a team in MLS. He had the option to buy an expansion franchise in any city other than NY or LA for the same price when he entered the league in (which was TFC at $10 million bucks). Since the Impact went for $40 million dollars, Beckham would be leaving $30 million on the table.
    I’m guessing he’ll try to have someone more moneyed do the heavy lifting and Beckham would be a minority partner with the cheap franchise fee as his stake.

  2. Make it a Baltimore Franchise….. The Baltimore Beckhams

  3. Hahahaha the green bay golden balls

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