The end of another year of Premier League football has come. We end where we started, with the two Manchester clubs at the top followed by three London sides that suffered through glaring stretches of futility before getting it together just in time. Chelsea are into the Champions League group stage thanks to Fernando Torres, the much maligned striker that has been fantastic the last few months.

Arsenal finish fourth, playing an uninspiring yet effective brand of football that has been a hallmark of their late run. Gareth Bale pushed Tottenham to victory, like he has so often, but that wasn’t enough for Spurs. They face a summer of endless will he or won’t he speculation. Sir Alex Ferguson’s last game as manager of Manchester United featured 10 goals and a remarkable comeback by West Brom and Paul Scholes, Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher played the last games of their distinguished careers. Before we go, some lasting images of the final day in the Prem.

The Bale goal

Romelu Lukaku bags a hat-trick

West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United - Premier League

Carragher says goodbye

Gif via @feintzebra

Trophy joke


Richard will have more on Tuesday, but I think today’s final slate of games was a fine cap on the season, in all of its mundane glory. The two most important games of the day (Newcastle-Arsenal, Tottenham-Sunderland) were arguably the worst to watch. There were highs, of course, and I guess it’s unfair to compare, but last year was sure damn great. Maybe next time.

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  1. better luck next year dyslexic man now u have to do it while selling your best player arsenal manage it year after year wave byebye to bale

    • Arsenal do what now!? Oh yeah, congrats on fourth place. Forgot how much that means to you Gunners. Maybe van Persie was wrong- United have never finished fourth in the Premier League. Although they mey now… they clearly weren’t concerned with how Sir Alex would respond to that performance. Oh well, let the silly season begin!

      • easy now devil your best player this season was a man taught by henry and backed up by a arsene wenger u should be paying arsenal homage this year for without vanpersie your neighbours wouldve claimed the title again we shall c how u make out with moyes next year

    • Thanks?

      What an annoying end to the season. Heads held high though – pushed to the end. Didn’t have to hear about st. Totteringhams day for the last few weeks. Well played to the Arse – the table doesn’t lie. As for Bale – I’d love to keep him, but even if we have to sell him I think we will use the ridiculously high transfer fee to keep building. Hard to replace a guy like Bale, but as long as we keep adding players that are Dembele-quality I think we will do alright.

      Nice to see Bale doing it on the final day for the boys.

      Still a hard one to take.

  2. Fourth place is a great achievement for this version of Arsenal, considering we were seven points behind Spuds when they beat us last. 26 out of a possible 30 points to close out the season is also impressive, with only five or six goals conceded. No one can accuse us of being weak willed anymore.

    Everything is set up for us to improve next season: we have a lucrative new kit deal; a new shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates and another Champs League payday. We should also benefit from the managerial uncertainty at Utd, City, Chavski, and Evertion, not to mention the inevitable Bale sale, which will precipitate Totteringham’s downward spiral to mid-table mediocrity.

    The continental powers don’t look too strong either, Bayern aside. Barca is a Messi injury away from being absolute shite. Dortmund are a shell of their former selves (maybe we should buy Lewandowski? We should definitely go for their Polish right back to replace Sagna). Real is mentally unstable and who knows how they’ll react to Mourinho’s departure? Juventus…whatever.

    Fourth place should not be the summit of our ambition. Now is the time for us to reap the benefits of our years of fiscal responsibility. For some reason, I think Wenger and the board realize this too. Bring on the silly season.

    Let the silly season begin

  3. I should have edited that more carefully..ah well

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