Ponferradina v Real Madrid - Copa del Rey

Just announced live by Florentino Perez on Real Madrid TV. So something everyone knew was happening is now official. The trick though is the mutual consent bit. As Rob Harris Tweeted (speculatively but this is a dirty business):

And that smacks of a gentleman’s agreement. So Mou moves on! Now all eyes on Stamford Bridge. At the risk of editorializing (ha!), I really think Real Madrid are out of the frying pan and into the fire here, but it was clear that Mourinho’s position was untenable. Good luck finding a manager that will manage his achievements with the club in La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

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  1. Agreed. Their only option in my opinion now is Carlo Ancelotti, but he’s still stuck with PSG for another year. So I really don’t know where they can go from here. Maybe Jupp Heyneckes will return there? Who knows…..
    As for Jose, I really hope he doesn’t go to Chelsea, but sadly that is looking like his preferred destination.

    • The only two candidates, really. Gonna be funny when they step backward next season and everybody realizes just how good a job he really did.

      • Personally, I am hoping for that as well. He was greatly under appreciated at that club. Yes he had his mistakes there, but he did not deserve the treatment that they gave him.

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