Well that was something else. It was only fitting Arjen Robben scored the winner. The man constantly maligned for failing to show up for big games had multiple chances to get on the score sheet in the first half. Alas, it looked like another poor performance on the biggest stage was in order for Robben. The Dutchman rewrote the script in the second half, setting up the Mandzukic goal and scoring the winner at the death. Sports. Man oh man.

Gif via @FeintZebra

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  1. Mia San Mia Forza FC Bayern – The Best Team in the World!

  2. Robben was excellent in this game. He was creating havoc everywhere in the final third of the pitch. If he was his normal diving, petulant self it would have been hard to stomach. He never whined, dove, or complained once in this game so I guess he deserves it. Looks like he is finally growing up.

    As for diving and petulance, Mueller was doing enough of that for everyone. I actually would’ve thrown up in my mouth if he scored. Looks like he’s taken that mantle over from Robben.


  3. I’m waiting for someone to paste in John Terry reaching over to lift the cup with them…..

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