Manchester City v Norwich City - Premier League

You’ll have to thank our friend Armen for digging up this find, from Calcio Mercato. They took the story from Brazilian site Lancenet, which, to be fair, hasn’t always been packed to the brim with utter garbage. Here’s the Google translate edition, dated May 25th:

Tevez’s exit from Manchester City, and already have on hand motions for two clubs to play in the second half. The Argentine has been placed on the list of tradable by English club and received an offer from Toronto, Major League Soccer, or another of Monaco, which has just gone up to the French First Division.

The value that Toronto offers the City’s $ 10 million (£ 20.4 million). The contract offered Tevez to three years and would have totaled $ 85 million (U.S. $ 174.1 million) between wages, gloves and gains in marketing.

Monaco’s proposal has similar values. However, the Argentine is likely to accept the offer from the French club. The key issue is the preference Tevez to live in Monaco.

Manchester City to overhaul their squad for next season, and this process would be the departure of Tevez.

I’ve sent an email to Toronto FC and am awaiting comment on the story.