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You’ll have to thank our friend Armen for digging up this find, from Calcio Mercato. They took the story from Brazilian site Lancenet, which, to be fair, hasn’t always been packed to the brim with utter garbage. Here’s the Google translate edition, dated May 25th:

Tevez’s exit from Manchester City, and already have on hand motions for two clubs to play in the second half. The Argentine has been placed on the list of tradable by English club and received an offer from Toronto, Major League Soccer, or another of Monaco, which has just gone up to the French First Division.

The value that Toronto offers the City’s $ 10 million (£ 20.4 million). The contract offered Tevez to three years and would have totaled $ 85 million (U.S. $ 174.1 million) between wages, gloves and gains in marketing.

Monaco’s proposal has similar values. However, the Argentine is likely to accept the offer from the French club. The key issue is the preference Tevez to live in Monaco.

Manchester City to overhaul their squad for next season, and this process would be the departure of Tevez.

I’ve sent an email to Toronto FC and am awaiting comment on the story.

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  1. Well that’s…. odd.

  2. I dunno, that’s a pretty sweet gloves packet…

  3. For real though, who knows? Playing MLS would allow Carlos to spend (South American) summers in Argentina with his kids. Wasn’t that always his beef with playing in England?

  4. can TFC afford the salary?

    • Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment can afford the salary, if they are willing to spend so much on one single contract to a player on their football team. It seems like a big desperation move. It would be huge for the MLS.

  5. Torino FC ? Taranto FC ? Surely there must be some sort of misunderstanding here.

    • LOL, most logical explanation I’ve heard so far.

      174 milly from TFC would be the wage bill of all other teams. combined. The club isn’t worth that much and couldn’t be even if we had the whole man city squad

    • Or maybe Tauro FC, that Panamanian team Toronto played in the CCL.

      As for the 174 million. Another site I saw had it translated as 85 million US and 174 million Brazillian (Brazillian site that posted the “news”)

  6. no one understands that mlse is worth 2 billion dollars , why not!

  7. Also the exchange rates seem to be $1 CAN = 2.04 Pounds and $1CAN = $2.048 US which would also make the pound and the US dollar about par (although both still puny compared to the mighty Canadian dollar). Or they could be currencies from some completely different countries.

    • uhhh… $1 CAN = $0.96 US, and 0.64 pounds. The US dollar is equal to 0.66 pounds. I’d be curious as to where you got your information, because the Canadian dollar has likely never been worth twice the US dollar or UK pound.

      • Uhhh… not according to the article above, do the math, the supposed exchange rates are as I set out. I set them out to highlight the unreliability of this rumor, if they are wrong about something simple like $10 million Can equaling 20.4 million pounds or 85 million Canadia equaling $174.1 million US then how likely are they to be correct about the substance of the article.

  8. I don’t care what the cost is. He is an absolute cancer wherever he plays. If you think his antics are brutal now, they would be magnified tenfold over here. Could you imagine his behaviour once he realizes that nobody can provide him a proper pass? Or how about that lethal partnership he’d form with Justin Braun?

    Well, at least he wouldn’t be able to complain about the restaurants.


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