Despite Suarez’s now official request to leave Liverpool, as he acknowledged an actual move could theoretically fail to happen, which invites the interesting possibility he may spend at least half a season more with LFC.

How would Liverpool fans respond? The player has always received full support from the club during his most trying moments, particularly during the Patrice Evra affair. Would he spend four months on the bench? For a lesser light in a deeper squad this could play out, but Suarez is considered Liverpool’s most important player.

If he’s a regular starter and is again the subject of controversy, will he still be a “Liverpool legend” and receive full backing from the Kop?

In any case, at least one fan has already picked a side.

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  1. Bob Dole thinks Liverpool fans will turn on Suarez like Megan Fox to a college boys dorm room. Liverpool fans are loyal to a fault, but seem to quickly turn on anyone who doesn’t reciprocate that loyalty – see Fernando Torres. And unlike Suarez, Torres isn’t even a bad guy. It’ll be interesting to see when Liverpool fans realize what everyone else has known all along – Suarez is a shitbag. A casually racist, canabalistic, Bill Clinton voting shitbag

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