Hey now, hey now, Mourinho’s back!

Mouirnho had said earlier in the day that he would be the new Chelsea manager by the end of the week.

Ron Gourlay, Chelsea’s chief executive, said: ‘I am delighted to welcome Jose back to Chelsea. His continued success, drive and ambition made him the outstanding candidate.

‘It is our aim to keep the club moving forward to achieve greater success in the future and Jose is our number one choice as we believe he is the right manager to do just that.

‘He was and remains a hugely popular figure at the club and everyone here looks forward to working with him again.’

I have said it in the past; even after Mourinho’s departure in 2007 under acrimony and mutual distrust, Chelsea remained his team. The approach and style was squashed one way and then the other by various interlopers, but there was always a sense that Roman Abramovich hit the big time too early with Jose and was always in search of that lost magic.

The issue this time around will be whether the new charges at Chelsea will take to the man whose reputation now precedes him from his time at Real Madrid. In any case, one more reason to maintain interest in the Premier League. Mourinho in the Premier League with no Ferguson. Imagine that.