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  1. Who will be the top goal scorer of the top 5 European leagues. Italy England Spain Germany France

  2. Let’s say you have become an oil-rich baron and you end up being part of a group that buys a club, which happens to be your least favourite team. So as such, what three things would you do to ensure doom and gloom for this club that you are now begrudgingly involved with?

    Also, what promotional nights can I expect from Sean Keay’s Lokomotiv Gravy side.

  3. If there was one rule in soccer that you were allowed to change, what would it be and why?

  4. If you given the chance to ethier be the manager of your boyhood club or a big power house team? Who would you choose?

  5. Come up with the perfect scenario for Mario Balotelli’s first missed/saved penalty kick, if ever there will be any.

  6. If a player/manager were obliged to answer all your questions with complete honesty (like they were dosed with truth serum), which player/manager would you choose and what would you ask?

  7. Come up with a footballing equivalent of a HNIC montage. It doesn’t have to be from just one match, it can be any set of moments from this past season.

  8. What is the one thing you hate most about soccer?

  9. FRED! What do you make of his goals so far and do you see him starting in the WC next year? And what are the other options Brazil have in attack who could be consistent and a treath in front of goal for the WC

  10. What was your guys initial reaction and take on the Chiellini goal in Brazil’s 4-2 victory over Italy?

  11. With a lot of big name managers switching clubs, who do you think is most likely to succeed and most likely to fail?

  12. With Tevez off to Juve, the Higuain to Arsenal transfer is being talked about as a sure thing. Is Higuain enough to elevate Arsenal into the conversation for Premier League glory in 2014?

  13. Current Shaktar Donetsk forward Mkhitaryan has been linked to a move to Liverpool or Dortmund with reported transfer fees as high as 30 million Euros.

    Do you think all of this interest in him and the expensive transfer fee is all worth it for a relatively unknown football player?

    (He has played well for Donetsk both domestically and in Europe but I feel that price is bit to high for someone who isn’t considered an established elite forward.)

  14. After the recent lopsided scorelines involved the Tahiti national team, should the tournament create a mercy rule for situations like this in the future?

  15. If you had to put Andrea Pirlo into any movie, which movie and role would it be and why? (No Chuck Norris movies, that’s too easy)

  16. There’s been a lot of uproar over Inter selling Giulio Donati for €3 million. He’s 23 and was on loan at Grosseto, who were relegated to Lega Pro (Italian third division) and he didn’t play much of a part. Yet he has a handful of good performances against players younger than him.

    Are these U21, U20, etc. tournaments just a big farce when it comes to identifying “The next Lionel Messi” as the Sportsnet World ad for the U20 World Cup likes to call it?

  17. What player is the most likely to look fantastic on a youtube compilation, but be totally mediocre in real life.

  18. Last week while discussing the US-Honduras result Brian Dunseth commented that he thought Holland might be a better destination for North American players to get an introduction to what it means to be a pro at the highest level. He referenced Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley as 2 examples of this. What’s your opinion? Are there some leagues that are better than others for N.A. players as a step in their development? Any data to back that up?

  19. Worst kit ever? Arsenal 1991-92 not included. Hint: http://www.rantaboutfootball.com/blog/2009/07/gallery-of-the-grotesque-vol-1/

  20. Make it long boys I need this to get me through my shift at work.

  21. Do you think it’s fair that Bayern is able to snatch up all of Dortmund’s best players?

  22. If Victor Wanyama leaves Celtic 1) Where does he go? 2) Who is he replaced with? 3) How well will Celtic perform in Scotland and in Europe?

  23. Do you think that Wayne Rooney had a better chance of staying at Man U if Ferguson stayed or has the tension between Moyes and Rooney ruined any chance of him staying? Do you think he will leave? If he does where to?

  24. Early predictions for who qualifies for the Word Cup?

  25. If the Premier League could only do Player for Players transfers, would this even out the playing field (as in Man U or Man City can’t throw cash at everything and trade prayers like Rooney to Crystal Palace if they want Wilfred Zaha) for the title or would clubs like Man U still dominate the market? Who would you see going to where and for whom?

  26. So Canada will never host a WC, never, but what about the Gold Cup? How can Canada pull some stings and get some, some what meaningful games.

  27. CSA is giving Colin Miller the Benitez treatment. Why wont the commit? Is there another coach on Canadas radar? Who would the panel take?

  28. If you were the national team coach, would you have the unattached quartet of Straith, de Guzman, Edwini-Bonsu and Jackson on your Gold Cup roster?

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