A game that featured numerous clear cut chances for both sides ended with Spain winning 7-6 on penalties. Leonardo Bonucci, Italy’s seventh shooter skied his shot over the bar, giving Manchester City new boy Jesus Navas the chance to win it for Spain. He came through, as neither goalkeeper was able to actually stop a shot. Andrea Pirlo scored to make it 5-4 Italy. The great man was not moved by the occurrence.

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  1. this kind of throws a whole wrench into the “Spain is unbeatable” narrative people like to put out there. Italy played really well and proved they can hang with the top teams in the world. It came down to a skills competition and Spain prevailed. They didn’t look unbeatable at any point. Promising things heading into the World Cup for the Italians.

    • They are unbeatable. If italy…who tried SO hard, played Spain who had their worst performance all year and still lost…what does that tell you.

      If Spain play at 90% every game, there is not one single team on this planet that can beat them.

      If they play at 60% like they did today and still won…lol I pray for every team who wants to win the world cup next year.

      As you said…”it came down to a skills competition and Spain prevailed”. Of course Spain prevailed…it’s a skills competition. They will always prevail.

      Just like against italy in 2008.

      Just like against portugal in 2010.

      Just like against portual in 2012.

      You think penalties are luck???

      Spain are the best team on the planet, and the best team there has ever been.

      We should all be blessed to see this team.

      Just replay Busquet’s penalty.

      Think about it…he plays 90 min. every game without thinking to shoot on goal ever. Yet he gets one penalty and places it perfectly in the corner better than most strikers. The Spanish are better physically, mentally, technically.

      It will take a bad referee plus a <60% performance from Spain to give any team on Earth even a CHANCE to beat them.

      • wow you have it down to a science! I’m impressed. So did Spain play at 50% for one half and 70% in the other? Or maybe a 40 – 80 split – surely they didn’t perform at 60% throughout the entire game… Go ask Xavi and Iniesta how much effort they put into the game. And if you think there’s no luck involved in penalties then I’ll say you’ve never played this game.
        Every team is beatable. Spain has been the most consistent. Their youth teams look amazing too. Congrats to Spain but to question their effort is an insult to both teams

        • There is no luck in penalties. The better team will win, it’s as simple as that.

          Just like when arsenal lost to Bradford. Bradford were the better team. arsenal suck.

          If you have better players, you have a better chance at winning. Penalties are not 50/50.

          As soon as it got to penalties, it was Spain’s to lose.

      • so italy gave 100% and spain gave about 40-50% is what you are saying? where did you come up with this formula? you are a jackass! besides last year’s euro final, the teams have tied their 3 previous official matches and Spain won 2 on penalties, so yeah Italy can hang with Spain and so can a lot of teams. we shall see next year when it really matters.

        • No, it was more like italy gave their usual 110% against Spain, while Spain looked bored and uninterested while putting in a measly 60%.

          Alba usually plays way better.

          Pedro was non existent.

          Silva was terrible.

          Every single player on italy was playing their little hearts out like there was no tomorrow so they put in a good team performance. If Spain had played that way, it would have been 10-0. It was like Spain were playing with 9-10 men the first half.

          People don’t understand football. Of course italy will look “better” in the first half. They had the energy to park a nice bus. A bus that Spain didn’t give a fck about. They knew they were going to win lol.

          Honestly, I just think they’re bored. They’re not scared of anyone. But they still show so much class to their opponents each and every game.

          You think “a lot of teams” can “hang” with Spain…???

          Brazil? No.

          germany? No.

          italy? No.

          The Dutch? No.

          Please don’t mention portugal, that’s too funny.

          Am I missing someone?

          The US? hahahaha

          • what percentage did Spain use yesterday 25% and Brazil 150%. start watching cricket buddy!

  2. Scotland > Spain in 2014

  3. He was too tired to react.

  4. Good game. That was the best sequence of penalties that I have ever seen.

  5. I don’t always take penalties but when I do I take it like I don’t give a fuck. Pirlo is the man. Good for Spain .

  6. Interesting. In these last few semi finals, Spain have looked a little ordinary. This one vs Italy for example, 2012 vs Portugal you could have argued that Portugal were slightly the better team (though I believe Spain deserved it in the end). 2010 vs Germany, okay it was close but Spain were the better team. And in 2009 vs the USA…. well we all know what happened there. What is it with semi finals that Spain never want to give their all for? They generally squeak by, then completely dominate the final. Though fatigue will be a much bigger factor in this final for them than they have ever had to deal with. Good luck to them, but my vote is on Brasil to capture their third straight Confed’s cup.

    • Portugal outplayed Spain over 90 minutes (including a 93rd minute last-gasp attack that should’ve been converted if not for an awful Meireles thru-ball), but Spain had about 5 chances to win in extras. Portugal was lucky to get to penalties. Then Paulo Bento’s kick takers list came and…

      • ah yes, it was a fantastic day. the look of petulant disgust on Ronalda’s face is unforgettable. I wish he wasn’t such a dis-likable fuck. such a good player.

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