Brazil v Spain: Final - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

It’s the time when you send in your (possibly) football-related questions and we lamely attempt to answer them! Be creative! Send them to, or leave them here, or hash ‘em at #CApodQs.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey guys,

    USL PDL side KW United put tickets on sale this week for their friendly against Sporting Lisbon. Do you encourage this as a way to grow the game (and the clubs) on a smaller scale?

  2. What is the worst possible thing that could happen in Canada’s Gold Cup campaign?

  3. If UEFA hosted an All-Star Weekend like the NBA, what skill contests like the Slam Dunk Contest or the Three-Point Shootout would you like to see? Who would win such events?

  4. You guys should have like a segment called Red card or advantage where you are given a question or statement and have to decide whether your ok with it or you want it to stop. Like Junior Hoilet not playing for Canada. Just as an example. Love the show and Keep it up from your favorite hairline.

  5. If you were the national team coach, would you have the unattached quartet of Straith, de Guzman, Edwini-Bonsu and Jackson on your Gold Cup roster?

  6. - Why is Justin Bieber holding a Gotze Bayern jersey in the pic you posted and will he be Pep’s new Xavi/Iniesta?

    - How long will it take for Neymar to realize his that his “hairstyle” is only cool in Brasil?

    - Can Spain win 2014 without an in-form striker?

    - Will you be posting a 2014 WC top female fans blog next summer? – Should be monumental and almost NSFW :)

  7. Alright here’s my very hypoetical question.

    Who would you like to have play in The Big Brother Footballers and Manager version. (Players can be Living or Dead)

  8. 4th of July in the States. In honor can you guys name a favorite American moment or player?


  9. Besides Joey Saputo, who or what has a greater influence on the game in the great white north?

  10. What would it take for a defender to be considered the best player in the world? The conversation is always about offensive players, likely because goals and chances are considered more highlight worthy.

  11. Thoughts about Negredo’s possible move to Man City??

  12. The dates at the Linc will be free, but fans need to reserve their space, thus getting the tickets.

  13. Most over and underrated players in world football right now and why.

  14. suarez rooney or higuain who fits in best in current arsenal squad? will they get a strong defensive midfielder in at the emirates?

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