FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Camp Day Eight

Oh golly gosh gee. Transfer rumours and news. Let me spin them off the top of my head. Manchester United’s bid for Thiago Alcantara was “hijacked” because he was offered a better deal, perhaps with a buyout clause or something, by Bayern Munich.

Everton signed a Spanish teenager named Gerard Deulofeu from the Segunda whom Sid Lowe has called, in a proper news article no less, a “prodigy.” Saints are going to “bag” Victor Wanyama for £12.5 million. Names and numbers man, names and numbers.

Action words! Anyway, that’s not the real story, at least according to sleuthing football analytics dude Ted Knutson who alerted me to these Tweets from Tancredi:

Sandro Rosell is Barcelona’s president. It’s hard to say what this means, though there are rumours that Rosell may have forced Guardiola out. I’ve asked Sid Lowe to explain, so hopefully I’ll have sort of idea soon and can update. But it appears Rosell has burned a fairly important bridge here. Never a dull moment. Oh, except for July in the summer transfer window.

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  1. Have to imagine that Rosell won’t be returning as president after the next elections.

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