Chelsea bid 10 million quid for Wayne Rooney plus Juan Mata, REPORT! Wait, what? Mata is better than Rooney. Here are statistics to PROVE it! Oh, here is a Tweet that indicates that Wayne Rooney is UNDERRATED and Jose Mourinho is a GENIUS! Oh wait, it may not have been Mata! It was DAVID LUIZ! Here is a Tweet that says Mourinho wants players who prize possession and David Luiz “takes too many risks with the ball,” NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE PROVIDED! Here is a Tweet that reports Chelsea confirm they approached Manchester United over Rooney, but DIDN’T OFFER A PLAYER AS PART OF THE DEAL! Here is a Tweet from a prominent media figure congratulating his colleagues for GETTING 50% OF THE STORY RIGHT! No, it’s NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Here are some further caveats theorizing over the reasons for CHELSEA’S DENIAL! Wayne Rooney is still ANGRY AND CONFUSED! So ARE WE!


Anyway, there is other news. Like, did you ever hear the one about the supposedly insanely revenue-rich club that was thought by some to be a co-conspirator in UEFA’s attempt to hoodwink all of Europe via Financial Fair Play selling a valuable player because they needed the money?

While it is thought that an offer of £35m [for Cesc Fabregas] would seriously test the Catalan club’s resolve, the source said: “Barcelona are willing to sell because they need the money.”

The club have financed a massive spend over the past two seasons. In the summer of 2011 there was a £50m-plus combined outlay on Fábregas and Alexis Sánchez, the Chilean who has also struggled to feature regularly under Vilanova, while Neymar’s £50m move was preceded by Messi signing a £17m a-year, five-season contract in February, at a total cost of £85m.

David Villa has been removed from the books following his move to Atlético Madrid earlier this month, with Barcelona also hoping to off-load Ibrahim Afellay, the Dutch winger, who is reportedly a target for Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

Die myths, die.

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  1. If Barca were seriously considering selling Cesc, wouldn’t they have kept Thiago? It’s getting mighty thin in that midfield…

  2. Like it or not, lots of folks thoroughly enjoy all the “speculomasturbation” of the transfer window. Personally, I like to imagine the what-ifs of a Spurs team with players x, y and z. And when a Paulinho rumour turns out to be true, all the better.

    While I understand the skepticism towards any specific rumour, I don’t understand the resentment towards transfer speculation en masse. If people don’t like it, then don’t tune into soccer sites – cuz there ain’t much else happening right now (Gold Cup info can be found on the transfer-less CONCACAF site).

    Oh, and I also enjoy reading match reports.

    I’ll be quiet now.

  3. The only link I clicked was the cat playing trivial pursuit. Spoiler alert – two pies, smart kitty!

  4. I think the vast majority of people take transfer rumours for what they are (harmless gossip that nobody really takes seriously and helps to fill the days before the season starts).

    I just wish MLS would be more open about it’s roster rules so that fans here could indulge in equally enjoyable speculation about their teams.

  5. moar cat pix pls

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