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Such is the current state of complex player contracts that not even the club owners and potential bidders know the terms. This is what we’ve learned of the Luis Suarez situation, in which the controversial Uruguayan Liverpool striker has been the subject of a £40 million plus £1 offer from Arsenal.

Arsenal believed this would trigger a clause in the player’s contract which would allow Arsenal to talk terms with the player, but the BBC reports “Liverpool interpret the clause differently.” The authors don’t cite a source, so maybe they’re referring to this:

This is happening in the midst of a debate over Suarez’s potential worth to Arsenal, which, on the low end, involves nervous Gunners mentioning things like “game suspensions,” “biting,” “murder” etc., and on the high end, statistical graphs which demonstrate, conclusively, that yes, Suarez is a good player who scores goals and creates chances and no, is not the shot waster or ball hog some the numbers seem to demonstrate.

So this is a unique situation in which every single facet of transfer speculation has been engaged, and no one truly knows who or what to believe. And won’t it be wonderful when Luis Suarez enters September still with Liverpool and still answering to the broadsheet press upon which he blames everything.

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  1. How does that data contradict the idea that Suarez is a shot waster? Regardless of how many shots he creates, he still takes way too many shots from bad areas (chaff). You could make the case that given Liverpool’s talent, those are often the best shots he can take, but it doesn’t disprove his overreliance on shots he’s unlikely to convert.

  2. As an Arsenal supporter, I’m against this signing (but I don’t think it will happen anyway). It’s not even about the moral implications of signing a obviously bitey and allegedly racist player.

    The cost is too high for me. Liverpool seem to be laughing at a bid of £40 million, so I would assume he would cost around £50 million. I know that there aren’t a lot of exceptional strikers out there for sale, but surely there are more logical ways to spend £50 million. AFC needs more than a striker. If it were to happen, Wenger wouldn’t be too keen on making more signings that are just as pressing. £50 million could be spent on a DM (50%), CB (25%), and GK (25%). I’d be happier if that happened and we had Giroud and Sanogo, than if we only sign Suarez.

    • “allegedly”? He admitted to calling Evra a “negro”.

      • I couldn’t think of the right word, “allegedly” wasn’t it, my apologies. I just know that there are people that try to justify the Evra case with an explanation of the use of the term in Uruguay. I am not one of those people. I no nothing about colloquialisms in Uruguay.

    • I agree completely. On the one hand, I’m glad we’re not engaging in the transfer lunacy. 50m for Torres, 55m allegedly for Suarez, 63m or thereabouts for Falcao and Cavani…it’s madness. I realize the last three are good players but surely funds can be spent more prudently? If all these mega deals hadn’t have happened, we probably would have gotten Higuain by now, but instead, Real Madrid waited, convinced Napoli to pay between 37 and 40m Euros, and now they have him. 37 to 40m for a player who couldn’t displace Benzema is ridiculous.

      On the other hand, I’m dismayed that we probably won’t land the elite player we desperately need. It sucks, having all this money (supposedly) and not be able to spend it. Spending a lot doesn’t guarantee success (Exhibit A: Your Toronto Blue Jays!), but we need something.

      Open question: Would we look worse bidding double our record transfer outlay and not landing Suarez OR end up signing him only for him to pull the same shenanigans with us that he did with Liverpool? I’d rather the former scenario: I don’t want this criminal on my time.

      • I don’t see much shame in bidding 40, getting rejected, and saying “Okay, that was our limit. Seeya.” Suarez coming in and dragging Arsenal through the mud, and possibly forcing us to sell him for less is worse.

        And in response to your second paragraph, we could sign an elite imposing midfielder for much less though than what we could get Suarez for. Fellani just to pick the first player off the top of my head, is supposed to be around 25 million right? Thought I read that anyway.

        • But Fellaini is a different kettle of fish to an elite striker. Goals win games. Fellaini is good, but he wouldn’t win us anything like a Suarez/Cavani/Falcao type would.

          It would be shameful to go all out for someone with the obvious baggage that Suarez has and then not land him. We’d look like chumps: willing to sell out our morals but not pay what is necessary.

          I have the feeling that Suarez is gone, whether to us or Madrid. That whole English press thing was a crock: he wants to leave but doesn’t want Liverpool fans to hate him, so he blamed the press. I don’t think Madrid rate him that highly. Just because they now have the money to pay for him, I’m not sure they’ll go much higher than 30 or 35. Liverpool will have to choose between accepting a smaller bid or a big bid from a PL rival. Kind of similar to the RVP situation…let’s see if Madrid actually make a bid for him.

          I hope Sanogo is the second coming of Henry; all this Suarez talk is making em uncomfortable.

  3. Henry’s tweet was out of order. We bid 40m for a player they paid 22.5m; what’s crazy about that? Just because they spend 35m on Carroll and 75m combined on chumps like Downing, Adam, Allen, and Henderson doesn’t mean every other club is as stupid as them.

    The worst thing about Liverpool was that whole T-shirt thing supporting Suarez after he racially abused Evra. What exactly was Liverpool supporting?

    • So it’s pointless to discuss arsenal transfers since they’re:

      a) Non-existent

      b) Laughable

      c) Useless

      d) All of the above


    • I took John Henry’s tweet more so to mean “Arsenal think we’d sell Suarez to them, a team we need to catch”

      It would be a terrible idea for Liverpool to sell our best player to a team we need to catch in order to regain Champions League football.

      I’d rather we sold him to Man United than to Arsenal.

      Give Wenger credit though, he’s playing this to perfection, when the transfer window closes and Arsenal don’t sign anyone big he’ll be able to tell the fans ‘we were in for Suarez, we were in for Rooney, we went for Higuain, but teams wouldnt accept our offers” when Arsenal knows they havent made a serious bid for any of them.

      • The fact that a 40m bid for a player who is pretty much guaranteed to miss 1/4 to 1/3 of a season through suspension is considered derisory is completely absurd.

        And you’d really rather sell Suarez to Utd.? That would pretty much guarantee that Liverpool would never catch Utd. again.

        If Suarez isn’t sold this transfer window, he will do whatever it takes to disrupt your team and angle for a move. Bite Brendan Rodgers, finger John Henry’s wife, pee all over the Kop… there is no limit to what this guy will to do to get what he wants.

        It’s what he does and if we sign him, he’ll do it to us too. That’s the biggest reason why I don’t want him on my team.

        • to be fair, I think he knows Liverpool have no chance of catching United, so Arsenal, who will likely finish with another 4th place trophy (or 5th), will be easier to catch than United.

        • Right now in the Premier League the 2 Manchester clubs and Chelsea are the clear top 3 to most people, based on recent success and the strength of the squads they have.

          Arsenal and Tottenham have been the 4th and 5th best clubs.

          Liverpool have been somehwere between 6th and 8th in the table for the last 3 seasons.

          In order for us to begin to move back up the table it has to be done in steps unless you get a sugar daddy type owner who is going to just spend foolish money like City and Chelsea have.

          Going on this before Liverpool can begin to worry about catching up to their biggest rival in Manchester United, we first have to catch the next level of teams ahead of us. Arsenal is one of these clubs.

          • one could argue Liverpool have spent foolish money since being bought by Henry (see TG’s comment above). Don’t Liverpool have the 3rd highest net spend (behind City and Chelsea) in the last 6-8 years?

          • Not gonna argue with ya on that at all. Liverpool have made some bad decisions in recent years with regards to transfers. I’ll be the first to admit that.

            It makes it even more important to handle future transfers correctly.

  4. recovering some of that bad money spent by selling suarez a player who doesnt wanna play for liverpool anyhow for 40 million isnt a bad start

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