Melbourne Victory v Liverpool

Such is the current state of complex player contracts that not even the club owners and potential bidders know the terms. This is what we’ve learned of the Luis Suarez situation, in which the controversial Uruguayan Liverpool striker has been the subject of a £40 million plus £1 offer from Arsenal.

Arsenal believed this would trigger a clause in the player’s contract which would allow Arsenal to talk terms with the player, but the BBC reports “Liverpool interpret the clause differently.” The authors don’t cite a source, so maybe they’re referring to this:

This is happening in the midst of a debate over Suarez’s potential worth to Arsenal, which, on the low end, involves nervous Gunners mentioning things like “game suspensions,” “biting,” “murder” etc., and on the high end, statistical graphs which demonstrate, conclusively, that yes, Suarez is a good player who scores goals and creates chances and no, is not the shot waster or ball hog some the numbers seem to demonstrate.

So this is a unique situation in which every single facet of transfer speculation has been engaged, and no one truly knows who or what to believe. And won’t it be wonderful when Luis Suarez enters September still with Liverpool and still answering to the broadsheet press upon which he blames everything.