Our weekly homage to that little thing at the front of Harper’s magazine

Number of years as of this September 5th since first rumour of a Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid first surfaced: 3.

Amount in GPB adjusted for inflation that Spurs first paid Southampton for Gareth Bale in 2007: 15,201,093.60

Total amount Spurs have spent so far in the 2013 summer transfer market in GPB: 95,370,000

Total amount Spurs spent on player transfers in the past three preceding seasons combined: 95,744,000

Total number of times Juventus has faced Real Madrid in the Champions League since 2000: 6

Total number of times Barcelona has faced AC Milan in the Champions League since 2000: 19

In 15 previous encounters with Barcelona as a manager, the number games Jose Mourinho won, drew and lost respectively: 3,5,7.

Jose Mourinho’s career win draw loss totals: 432, 127, 79.

Out of the past five seasons including the present one, the number of years in which both Chelsea and Manchester City both either finished first or second in the highest transfer expenditure weighed against player sales: 4.

Amount in Euros as of 2012 that UEFA pays out to the European Super Cup winner: 3,000,000.

Amount in Euros UEFA pays out to the European Super Cup runner-up: 2,200,000.

Number of years Bayern Munich has appeared in a Super Cup final: 4.

Number of years Bayern Munich won the Super Cup: 0.

Number of years in which Bayern was slated to appear in a final that was not played because Liverpool could not find a suitable date to play Dinamo Tbilisi due to fixture congestion: 1.