Words and numbers, numbers and words.

The total World Cup win, draw, loss record of the French national team: 25, 11, 18.

The total World Cup win, draw, loss record of the Belgian national team: 10, 9, 17.

Number of World Cups in which France finished in the top four: 5.

Number of World Cups in which Belgium finished in the top four: 1.

Total estimated transfer value (via Transfermarkt) of France and Belgium respectively (in £m): 305, 320

Latest best World Cup winner odds on France and Belgium respectively: 40/1, 20/1.

Seconds it took for Russia to score against Luxembourg in today’s World Cup qualifying match: 20.

Seconds it took to score the fastest goal in international football history, between San Marino and England in 1993: 8.3.

Number of assists Nani has made since joining the Premier League in 2007: 43.

Number of assists Wayne Rooney made in that same period of time: 46.

Percentage of La Liga team rosters who are Spanish: 64%.

Percentage of Premier League team rosters who are English: 37%.

As of 10:43 AM EST today, the percentage of the population of Cardiff for whom Gareth Bale could purchase KFC Godfather meals with his Real Madrid earnings: 10.

Rank of Everton in both Total Shots Ratio (a measure of dominance) and PDO (a measure of luck) so far this season: 1, 20.

Qatar’s per capita GDP: $106,000.

Average amount migrant workers in Qatar earn per 10 hour shift: $10.

Time that has elapsed since Qatari authorities released their charter of workers rights with “no sign of implementation”: 2 years, 9 months.

Toronto FC’s all-time win percentage since its first match in 2007: 28.4.