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It’s that time again! Please do direct your football-related inquiries here, or at counterattack@thescore.com, or using the hashtag #CAPodQs.


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  1. who was the MVP of the World Cup qualifiers?

  2. Could you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Thursday/Friday pod in addition to your Monday for mid-week Saaahhccer/DomesticCup/ChampionsLeague discussions PLEASE!
    Lav you guys!

  3. Also, assuming you had a family and terminal lung cancer, which football player would you choose to take you place and care for your wife/husband and kids/pets?

  4. Be honest: do you actually enjoy the international break?

  5. With the TGSTEL putting a few past the Italians, is there a way back for him at Arsenal, particularly with the dense fixture list?

  6. How do you guys see the European play-offs going?

    Are the big favourites just going to steam roll over the minnows, or do you see Iceland or Romania going through?

  7. Who do you guys consider as the dark horses for the world cup?

    Or is it a bit early to ask the question?

  8. How bad did you guys feel for Panama?

  9. Is that a picture of 14 year old Peter Crouch?

  10. What would you think of having The World Cup qualifying play-off cross over with other regions? Having all the playoff teams put into one pot and pitted against different regions?

  11. UEFA nations cup…. Ludicrous or just bad idea? (or just generally discuss so as not to lead the opinions with my own unqualified one)

  12. Wasn’t it sweeter to see Panama bomb out of the cup race than Mexico even though Mexico is also made up of a group of D-bags? Come on, seeing panama cry was awesome wasn’t it?

    Follow up. Doesn’t it make us even more pathetic as a football nation that we can only take pleasure in the failings of others who have gone farther than we have? Shit, I need a bandwagon country to support.

  13. I was wondering what kind of salaries the players make, in the English League. and is there a salary cap, per team?

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