Sunderland v Newcastle United - Barclays Premier League
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  1. So as the curtain has fallen on another Toronto FC season without making the playoffs. My question(s) to you are; What did you like and dislike from Ryan Nelsen first season in charge. What moves are you expecting them to do in the off-season and how do you feel about Stefan Frei leaving the club? Wrong move by TFC or was it his time to go?

  2. After the Noah’s Arc type of conditions on Wednesday match between Benfica and Olympiacos. What is the worst playing or viewing experience that you had to endure at a football match?

  3. Like the Gordie Howe hat trick, name a series of events in a match after a player who’s known for them.

  4. Which current player do you think could possibly be a great manager?

  5. You have to choose between Marouane Chamakh, Nicklas Bendtner, and Peter Crouch as the SOLE striker in your formation. Which one do you choose?

  6. As the owner of your respective club, you have 20 million for a Super Sub transfer, who’s the go ahead guy?

  7. You ended last weeks pod-cast on a father-son note. Who is your favorite blood related duo?

  8. Juventus has struggled in the champions league so far, do you seem them getting back on track or making an early exit?

  9. Would the overall level of North American soccer increase, if we went to a relegation system?

  10. Can you talk about the weird football viral marketing campaign that is happening around the world? #winnertakesearth I need some answers!

  11. Who finishes higher this year.. Martinez or Moyes? Would you rather have Suarez or Ageuro as your striker? Does Arsenal need another big name striker or is Olivier the man to lead their front line? Any prediction for Arsenal and Liverpool this week?

  12. Do you think cup finals should go back to being played over 2 legs like the Copa Libertadores? Or does this take away from the final “experience”?

  13. What do you think of Platini’s idea to increase the World Cup to 40 teams? It would dilute the top end talent on display, of course, but it’d also mean Canada might actually be able to qualify for the first time since the year of my birth.

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