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  1. Thoughts on the MLS playoffs so far? Anything surprise you?

  2. Arsenal are the greatest team of all time and Spurs are a team of boring, overrated, diving shitbags.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how correct is this statement?

  3. Zlatan is playing well and scoring some amazing goals, for club and country BUT does playing in Ligue 1 lower his stock in the Ballon D’or contention?

  4. I’m divided over whether Sepp Blatter is more of an idiot or an asshole. Thoughts?

    But seriously, what steps would you guys take to eliminate, or at least curb the rampant (and now comical) corruption within FIFA? Are there any candidates for pres that you would take over Blatter?


  5. Concussions
    How can we evaluate GK’s – form/variance/Hart
    Are West Ham the new Stoke

  6. Is there a worse celebrity fan than Piers Morgan? Am I only aware of him because I am an Arsenal fan and every team has a fan like him that I just don’t know about?

  7. What do you guys think could be causing Tottenham’s inability to score goals? Is this a case of AVB forcing a tactical scheme that doesn’t fit with the players he has at his disposal?

  8. Which soccer player did you resemble the most when you were young, either appearance-wise or playing-wise? What about now?

  9. What can Newcastle do about their constant inconsistencies?

  10. Which Footballer in your eyes would make the perfect Hannibal Lecter?

  11. Which do you think is more surprising so far this season. Arsenal at the top of league and look unstoppable. Or Roma perfect start to their season?

  12. Which is your favourite derby/rivalry that *doesn’t* involve the team you support?

  13. Which player would you love to resurrect their career for one last season.

  14. How would you feel if a billionaire bought the club you support and changed the home colours and crest, like Vincent Tan did with Cardiff City, in return for relative success?

  15. What is the point in International competition if naturalized citizens are becoming the norm? Players like Marcos Senna, Deco and Pepe were all players from my home country that could have played for Brazil, but choose not to do so, based on money, prestige, or pure lack of patience.

    The latest Diego Costa, who, with the fall of fred would be a perfect man to follow up Ronaldo and wear number 9.

    Simply put, what is the point to international competitions, if people seem to play for whomever they want?

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