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  1. Since the latest World cup preparation headache that occurred last week and the events that occurred over the summer during the confederations cup, do you guys personally think that Brazil was the right choice to host the world cup? And if not, where would you have like to have seen it?

  2. Do you think Michael Carrick could get into the Spanish national team squad (not in the starting XI, but just a consideration into the 23-man squad for the World Cup) if he weren’t English? Would ANY English player get into Spain’s squad if he weren’t English?

    • hell no carrick couldnt get into spanish national team what midfielder would spain sacrifice? they have much better midfielders than him sitting on there bench even ramsey in the form of his life couldnt get into that team now i could c rooney or sturridge perhaps as spain dont seem to have a consistent striker who gets it done hence them playing fabregas as a striker from time to time

  3. Can you guys make an starting 11 for most disappointing EPL players so far?

  4. When Jose Mourinho suffers his first defeat at Stamford Bridge, he says he’ll go out for a nice meal. What do you think he’ll have, and what will the conversation be like?

  5. At what point do you think it makes sense to fire a manager? Are clubs too hasty to do so these days?

  6. What are your favourite types of goals?

  7. Do you think the sleeveless wonder Flamini should get called up to the French national team considering the huge affect he’s had at Arsenal. And would you put him into the French starting XI?

  8. Mourinho has come out with this:

    “From my angle, I’m happy he (Lukaku) [is] scoring goals against our direct rivals, and he doesn’t score against us because he can’t. It’s phenomenal that you have a player who, even not playing for you, is scoring goals against your opponents. From a practical point of view, that’s very good.”

    It seems that the teams with the greatest wealth (i.e., Chelsea & Man City each have 2 players at Premiere League clubs) can exploit the loan system to further separate themselves from their less flush rivals by improving the middle tier clubs with little risk since these players can’t play against them. Should the loan system be changed such that you can not loan players to teams in your league, or at least remove playing restrictions?

  9. How useful is a player’s distance run (km) data? It seems to have been tracked for a long time. Do you think there is a correlation between greater distance covered by a team and points earned?

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