Manchester United v Everton - Barclays Premier League

Any games on today?

Yes. Two. One in Ligue 1: Lyon vs Toulouse at 3:00 PM EST, and in Coppa Italia Sampdoria vs Hellas Verona, also at 3:00 PM EST. That’s it!

What’s the big story today?

Well, the Premier League came and went last night like an insane whirlwind. Thirty two goals, only one 0-0, a seven goal thriller between Chelsea and Sunderland, four goals from Luis Suarez, and a very compelling, historic 0-1 victory for Everton at Old Trafford, the first in over twenty years, putting Moyes’ problems with United back in the spotlight!

Too much to write here, but the winner in the media focus stakes seems to have been Moyes. While other papers, perhaps remembering that not a few days ago things were looking good in the Champions League, were reticent to get the knives out, the Daily Mail of course shows no such compunction:

The naked numbers make uncomfortable reading for David Moyes, while on the pitch his side’s frailties are being laid brutally bare.

Beaten 1-0 by former club Everton with Manchester United having slumped to ninth the table, the Scot is under mounting pressure at Old Trafford.

The shadow of Sir Alex Ferguson is a pretty lonely and chilly place to reside right now as a winter of discontent looms in M16.

Well, not exactly. The raw numbers indicate United took more shots and shots on target, but had a conversion rate of 0% and a save percentage of 75%. But yeah, United aren’t where they should be. Which many predictive models forecasted at the start of the season based on United’s numbers last year under Ferguson. All I’m saying is, don’t discount the possibility Moyes was handed a shit sandwich by the last guy.

Moyes to his credit thinks Man Utd are still in the title race, with 12 points separating them and Arsenal. Sure, David.

Any other news?

Luis Suarez scored four goals against Norwich. This guy, man. And he also rubbished claims that he might move to Arsenal in the January transfer window:

Luis Suárez says he is “happy to stay” at Liverpool and wants to fire the club into the Champions League.

The striker had been determined to leave Anfield in the summer, with Liverpool rejecting a £40m plus £1 offer from Arsenal.

Xavi defends under fire boss Tata Martino at Barcelona following a pair of losses.

Oh hey! Michel Platini needed some attention and so he started talking about bringing in the rugby “sin-bin” into football. Cool idea Michel!

Pele didn’t want to be involved in the World Cup draw for fear of being the guy who put Brazil in a tough group. Which at first sounds weird, but fair enough!

Any fun stuff?

Enjoy this:

Any good reads?

I think the Guardian is as good a source as any for a decent round up of yesterday’s Premier League shenanigans. A sample:

It does not feel like a coincidence that, a matter of days after Martin Jol’s sacking at Fulham, Dimitar Berbatov wants a transfer. Jol loved Berbatov, considering him as one of the few world-class players at the club and he made him the focal point of the team. But Berbatov is enduring a barren season and, with his champion now departed, he clearly feels that it is a good time to explore his options. New Fulham manager, Rene Meulensteen, is a fan of Berbatov’s as well – he worked with him previously at Manchester United – but he did not sound optimistic about keeping him in January.

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  1. Correction: Sampdoria – Hellas Verona is for the Coppa Italia; it is not a Serie A fixture.

  2. “…don’t discount the possibility Moyes was handed a shit sandwich by the last guy.”

    While at Everton, Moyes’ defenders argued that the club never had the funds to challenge for greater honours. Now, Moyes inherits a team that won the league by eleven points and its still not his fault? Moyes is clearly the shit sandwich in this analogy.

    If United hires a new manager, let’s say Roberto Martinez, in the off-season, they’ll be BPL contenders again.

    • Thanks. Even if United give him 3 years and he somehow manages to learn how to be a big-time manager, he will still have been the wrong choice. Fellaini is going to be proven as the worst United signing since Veron.

      • hey DL remember when u guys had a chance of signing ozil? or how about when everyone was laughing at wenger signing flamini on a free transfer? one of the best signings of the summer that everyone laughed at

    • A large part has to do with the team as well. Last season i remm Richard running the stats weekly column and trying to explain how United were doing so well when the numbers suggested otherwise. In a nutshell the 4 shots or so they had in target, last year were 3 odd goals, and this year it isnt. Its not because of the manager, it comes down to the players. RVP is missed and even when he is there, he hasnt been all that prolific as last season, given last season was something of a lucky one where everything seemed to fall in place at the right time more often than note.

      On a personal note, to blame the manager is not the best but the easiest method. Yes United havent had a strong midfield since a long long time, still they have managed to win the league. Also Moyes has the funds available and if rumors are to be believed i feel he shouldnt look at someone like a Sniejder or a Fab and waste his time and go for a player, younger kinda established, He hasnt been good in the transfer market yet, but he hasnt had a full season at all, and we all know what kinda transfer deailings, LOAN DEALS, he was dealing with at Everton.

      Bottom line is the players arent good enough and the . Had Evra or Welback scored, or Rooney before that things would have been different. They were all going in last season, this season they are not. There is really no need to panic and be hasty in decisions and conclusions

      I am sure the past 7 odd seasons you and other ‘true gooner’ fans would have called for the head of Wenger. ‘Todays game is beyond him’ and other quotes. Now you are singing his praises…even though YOU HAVENT WON THE LEAGUE YET!

      • not speaking for all arsenal fans but i have never called for wengers head not once in his tenure i understood how we had a new stadium built and wenger didnt want to leave our club in a shitload of debt (unlike united) so we sold our best players but he always brought quality back in sold high bought low and did fantastic with it (something else united wouldnt kno a thing about) in arsene we trust t ur correct we havent won the league yet and we may not long ways til may but were in much better shape than united to do so could u imagine a team who won the league last year may not even qualify for europe? tragic …

        • You might be the very few fans who didnt call for his head.
          Its funny coz even yesterday when he started Bendtner fans were questioning him on the BBc live text and for that matter all over the world for sure. Your in a minority. Every year around Christmas for the past 7 odd seasons Arsenal havent been in contention and by Feb or Early March guaranteed no trophies and you had ‘fans’ asking him to leave retire and stuff.

          You can compare United to Arsenal financially. First even though United are in debt, they are a financial powerhouse compared to Arsenal. I wouldnt be quite that quick to say your in a better shape than United. Yes you have funds, so do we, and you may have promising players than United, but like last season with United, evrything is going well at Arsenal. You would be kidding youself if you thought Ramsey would have the season he is having right now. He has been injury prone in the past, so has Walcott, Wilshere and others (young players). You have Ramsey having a blinder of a season and Falimi suprisingly doing well and then ofcourse the impact of Ozil. But if you recall the game against United, Ozil went missing and so did Ramsey. Yes it wasnt a ‘dominating’ performance but we still took care of you, didnt allow the free flowing game and all that. Things like that will happen.

          Arsenal did well to get Ozil, and that provided a mental and emotional push to the whole team. But to say Flamini and Ozil is all you need to win the league is premature. There is still a lot of football left.

          At the moment Arsenal are sitting pretty on top. You have ramsey scoring at will and for that matter Bendtner scored as well. So things are falling for them. But still too early to get carried away with such things.

          Also selling your best players, especially to a rival isnt a sign of strength or smartness. It always come back to bite in the behind. They sold Henry, RVP, even Song, Flamini, when they could have added more. Its always been the 30 + philosophy with Arsene that he doesnt offer a contract more than 1 year. In the case of the above mentioned he let some go when they were still in their prime. About nurturing young talent, we can argue it going it has gone both ways. United do the same and have done so cant really argue on that

          • correction: ‘You CANT compare United to Arsenal in regards to financial muscle, history, ROI’

          • isnt selling players in there prime the way u can get the biggest transfer for them? all those players wanted to leave arsenal y would u keep a player who wants to leave your club? and speaking of song song who? only time i c him is if i watch a barca game and the camera shows whos on barcas bench never said flamini and ozil guarantees us anything but we r in a much better position to end our trophy drought than in years passed united have a great one two punch up front with roon and vanpussy and a decent enough backline but who links up the two? cleverly anderson nani young jones fellani? midfield is weak and most b addressed in january window but stay the fuck away from rambo!!

  3. cmon now u cant attribute all this to moyes granted he is no fergie but what about when wenger came to arsenal a nobody? shit even fergie needed time i think uniteds problems lay much deeper than just the manager how about never replacing giggs or scholes with quality players? what is giggs doing still playing the guys 40!! fellani and kagawa r busts so far city arsenal chelsea and liverpool all spent wisely in the summer where united did not thats evident all there rivals got better where they got worse u cant just put all the blame at moyes doorstep weak backline for me smalling and johnny evans r not bigtime defenders vidic and ferdinand r getting up there but u willnot c tears shed from this guy for goliath nice to c goliath fall once in awhile

  4. r u nuts? the gunners r in much better shape finacially than united r atm we contuine to year after year bring in a profit not a debt (one of the few top flight clubs to do this) and yes ramsey is playing out of his skin atm and yes we have injury prone players as do every club rvp anyone? what u failed to mention is we have best goals against in the whole league our backline is rock solid the pairing of mertesacker and koschielny best in the league plus we didnt sell our best players this year we kept hold of them so to compare this years gunners to years passed…. cmon now

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