West Bromwich Albion v Norwich City - Barclays Premier League

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  1. In baseball it is common wisdom that a good manager is worth about 5 wins a season. How many points do you think a good football manager is worth in a season?

    • whatever the difference is between Man Utd’s point total last season compared to his season, that’s the difference a good manager makes. And I’m not being a smart aleck: this year’s team is exactly the same, except you add Zaha and Fellaini.

  2. What enraged me? EVERYTHING ABOUT STUPID DAVID MOYES AND STUPID MANCHESTER UNITED AND HOW THEY ARE JUST STUPID NOW… What delighted me? Well, at least there was’t an international break. But really though, how ’bout Roberto Martinez in his first season at Everton? Eh? Eh?! SHOULD HAVE GONE TO STUPID MANCHESTER UNITED INSTEAD THOUGH!

  3. Delighted with Son Heung Min’s goal against Dortmund on Saturday (World Cup klaxon*)

    Would you change how the World Cup draw is done? e.g. no seeds, no geographic separation, etc.

    Who in The Score office gave the best reaction (joy/sadness) to the draw?

  4. If you were Andre Villas-Boas and you could somehow magically get either one of Olivier Giroud, Romelu Lukaku, or Alvaro Negredo to replace Roberto Soldado, which one would you pick?

  5. Giroud gets injured for the rest of the season and your transfer war chest is empty. Park Chu-Young or Nicklas Bendtner?

  6. Who would you prefer: a lackadaisical but extremely talented player or a mediocre hard working player?

    Deulofeu has been brilliant, but what the hell was that celebration? What are the dumbest celebrations you’ve seen?

  7. Okay, I’ve got a two questions with the same background…

    Under David Moyes, Everton generally had really slow starts, before they rounded into form midway through the season and stormed their way up the table to finish somewhere between 5th and 8th (where they finished each of the last 7 seasons).

    So, with Everton right up there in 5th, just 2 points behind their cross town rivals in 2nd, do they have a shot of moving up even more? Or do you think they will regress towards their average, ending up between 5th and 8th anyway?

    Secondly… if it’s not Everton that starts slow before rampaging towards the top (half of the table)… is it David Moyes? Is United the new Everton, perennial slow starters just waiting for the race to actually begin, at which point they will move up the table to finish between 5th and 8th?

    • I think this vintage of Everton will tire and not make the top 4, which is a shame because they play the right way.
      Utd are hoping to finish between fifth and eighth this season. I don’t suspect entitled players accustomed to winning the league will go all out to finish fifth, especially since the team is so old/has so many key injuries

  8. What really made me shake my head was Jose bringing on Lampard at the 67th minute of a 2-2 game. whist taking Shurrle off. Lampard does not deserve the amount of time he is getting over some of the other talent THIS season, and although Mata is getting more time – I can not understand his team selection over the course of the league season.

    • Such a wildly unpredictable season in the EPL this year! Loving all the highs and lows across the board. Early predictions for Regulations? (It’s my guilty pleasure to see this race) And perhaps who is looking at being promoted from the Championship?

    • He complains he doesn’t have the squad to succeed, that he can’t change 30 year old players: who told him to subordinate Mata to Lampard and ship out Lukaku in favour of Etoo?

      Is Mourinho still special?

  9. Berbatov is looking for an out from Fulham in January, thats not secret, but who needs the services of the big Bulgarian?

    • West Ham, Everton could use another body,…Spurs could use a striker who can actually score from open play.

  10. Fred´s team, Fluminense was just relegated to the second division of the Brasileirão(Brazils elite tournament), Alexandre Pato, has also fallen on the bad side of corinthians torcedores, therefore they are both rumored to make their way to Europe, names mentioned have been spurs and everton,

    Who do you think would be able to help an European team the most? and which team would that be?

  11. Why is ronalda even considered a favourite for the Ballon d’or when he didn’t beat Messi in scoring, assists or trophies (didn’t even win anything…). Also while ronalda ‘saved’ portugal in the playoff against a mediocre Swedish team, Argentina has safely and easily topped the most difficult qualifying group in the World.

    Heck, Ribery deserves to win it more.

    • True. That Portugal even had to engage in a playoff to qualify is an indictment of the player. That he finally showed up …..against the juggernaut that is sweden… does not gain him points in my book..

    • but Messi doesn’t merit it this year either. Most valuable player sure, but player of the year should be Ribery with the scoring/assisting/titles……though France also had to take the back door to the WCF…..

      • the french were drawn into a qualifying group with spain remember tough to finish tops in a group with the spanish still dont know how that happened

    • Why are you a misogynist, Most People aka Didier?
      It must be tough not being able to make fun of Arsenal anymore.

  12. Some local questions.

    Defoe and the Italian guy, any good for TFC? never heard of the italian dude which is probably just my ignorance of Snorrie Ahh.

    Berba’s looking for a new gig……..over le pond gig? are our cigarettes too expensive/not refined for his tastes?

  13. Why can I no longer post to this blog from my fucking IPad? ANNOYING!

  14. Complete the following sentence: “News out of Manchester suggests David Moyes has been sacked by United after only (blank) months/years into his six year contract after suffering…..”

    Was Ferguson’s selection of Moyes a sinister ploy to ensure his status as a managerial genius or a genuine act to help the team succeed? After hearing about the various passages from his latest autobiography, we know for a fact that Fergie IS that petty.

    If you could interview the little boy inside RVP right now, what would you ask him? What do you think he would say?

    Finally Marouane Chamakh has more PL goals from open play this year than Soldado. Not a question I just think everyone should know this.

  15. Also, how are linespeople selected for the World Cup? Because I think Sian Massey is the best official in world football and she should be in Brazil this summer.

  16. David Moyes said Shinji Kagawa didn’t make the bench because he had to get his stomach pumped because he ate too much (!). What was the real reason Shinji didn’t play/make the bench?

    I think he had to get his stomach pumped because he drank too much.

  17. how many united players will ask for transfers in the january window? rumor is vanpussy already has cause when the going gets tough…. vanpussydeeks “she said no robin….”

  18. Just had a quick read over all the comments posted:

    Funny how #Truegooner despite the name is over obsessed with Manchester United instead of his own team. Keep at it!

    • Nothing much to talk about with us really. “Got to keep it going and maintain our robotically efficient form” is a boring thing to say. Gooners have had to eat a lot of shit these past few years, especially from Utd fans; just giving it back a little.

      Moreover, nothing strange, unusual, or funny happened with us this week so nothing really to talk about. If one of our players had to have his stomach pumped for overeating pumped, I would have laughed at him too.

      Finally, this Ronalda stuff has to stop. Messi and Ronaldo are both egotists in their own way. Ronaldo obviously cares more about his physical appearance, which is an insufferab;e character trait, but Messi is a bully to his own teammates, almost to a Kobeian or Jordanesque degree. I remember him screaming at poor Alexis Sanchez for not passing him the ball. It’s a team game, Barcelona should be able to adapt when Messi’s not in the lineup. A lot of the blame for Barca’s capitulation against Bayern last season should be laid at his feet for being such a hog. You shouldn’t let Messi off the hook for being a jerk because he’s short and relatively ugly.

      And at least Ronaldo pays his taxes.

    • Moreover don’t label me with the whole “#” thing. I hate that Twitter shit; I’m a full sentence kind of guy.

  19. True Gooner – putting the T in troll.

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