Bayern Munich v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Group Stage Matchday Six Group D

Any games on today?

Oh man, Europa League. You know what I’m going to do for you today because I like you? I’m going to send you off to this Bleacher Report article on the remaining group stages and which matches mean what. And before you crawl down my throat about sending traffic to BR, you’ll be pleased to know there are NO SLIDESHOWS.

Anyway, the full list of fixtures is here. The only game of interest whatsoever, being perfectly honest, is St. Gallen vs Swansea City. Even then, the Swans need only a point to progress to the next round. Yay.

As for last night’s results, here are the remaining sixteen teams in the Champions League and the final group standings. As for which teams can draw who in this Monday’s knockout round lottery, hey! BR again!?

What’s the big story today?

Arsenal lost 2-0 to Napoli in their final group stage match, finished second, and will now face either Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern, Atletico, or Barcelona in the round of 16. There is a lot of angst. Arsene Wenger was even-tempered about the whole thing:

“Of course, to finish second makes the potential draw more difficult. Maybe this year we will be a bit luckier [although] if you look at the teams, you know we will have a difficult draw.

“On the other hand, we have qualified for the 14th consecutive year for the last 16. Maybe number 14 will give us a bit of luck. There is regret. That is the frustration because you feel it was open for us to do better. But it could have been worse tonight as well.”

Indeed. At least they’re in the party, and a Champions League run always involves playing difficult teams at one stage or another. Hence the competition. And there is always the prospect of “Now we can focus on the league” should they get railroaded in the next round. Much ado about whatever…

Any other news?

That Hull City to be renamed Hull Tigers thing? The thing that’s happening because Assem Allanm has convinced himself that this name will preclude some sort of global commercial success because he is a megalomaniac who can’t see reason and said City fans could basically die? It’s this much closer to reality.

Everton are preparing to fend off player-hoarding suitors in the Premier League after Ross Barkley, clubs who’d love nothing more than to shelve an exciting young talent by giving him a giant bag of cash to sit on the bench in the league and then stroll around against Yeovil Town in a League Cup match from time to time.

The Mirror reports via a terrible photoshop job that Chelsea are yet again going to try to throw in for Wayne Rooney this summer. In more realistic transfer news, the Blues are also looking at a £13 million bid for St. Etienne defender Kurt Zouma.

Germany riding high as four Bundesliga sides progress to the round of 16 in the Champions League.

Watch Thierry Henry and Gary Neville make fun of Jamie Redknapp on television.

And in the most obvious news in the universe

Any fun stuff?

You might want to stay away from Juergen Klopp when he’s in a good mood (via Reddit Soccer):

Any good reads?

The Guardian has a nice round up of the highlights and lowlights of the Champions League group stage. The best team might surprise you—Atletco Madrid:

Atlético Madrid may have had one of the easier draws of the competition – Porto, Zenit and the debutants Austria Vienna – but the old adage of only having to beat the team in front of you holds true. And Atlético did that with aplomb. At home they won all three of their matches and away they only dropped points at Zenit, who were the eventual runners-up in the group. Diego Simeone’s side also went through with a goal difference of 12 – second only to Real Madrid, equal with Bayern, and scored by a team put together for a fraction of the cost of either.

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  1. You just know Arsenal-Barcelona’s coming.

    • that could be their best hope. without messi barca have been vulnerable. Arsenal are up against it no matter the draw but it might be good for them to bow out and focus on the prem…..doubles and trebles are awesome but the league where they should be laser focused as there others in the big 4 (lol united) are hot on em..

  2. I understand the EPL ‘centric view, but still the “only game of interest whatsoever” is ridiculous. Better or equal games include:

    Fiorentina v. Dnipro
    Dynamo Kyiv v. Rapid Wien
    Freiburg v. Sevilla
    Lazio v. Tranzonspor
    Tottenham v. Ansi
    PAOK v. AZ

    Hell, I even threw a couple other EPL teams in there to make the letters look like actual words for you… You’re welcome!

    • I meant in terms of pairings that matter insofar as reaching the next round is concerned. But whatever, man.

      • I really enjoy the content, and the packaging you guys put out on this blog. I do often get frustrated with the lack of coverage/respect for other leagues. I read the article and that comment annoyed me… After your response explaining why it makes much more sense.

        In short: Thanks for all you do, and I’ll try not to let that chip on my shoulder influence me as much. :)

  3. hahaha love the jurgen klopp bitch slap to his own player hahaha love to have a beer with that guy

  4. Honestly making the CL 14 out of the 16 years, finishing the majority of them at 4, going through a knockout to get in, really doesnt mean translate to dominance. Plus Arsenal have not fared well in the knockout stages anyways, i know they reached the final one year, but havent been consistent. Just beacuse they have finally spent on WC talent and are doing well in th eleague and did well in a tough group, things will not just go for you, just coz….
    If they would have been more consistent in the league, and in CL, they would have got a favorable group and draw. Nothing to be angry or upset about, thats just how it works

  5. what r u responding to t? just worry about ur shitty united and the crisis there and think of how angry it makes u that arsenal r doing well whatever floats your boat i guess mate

    • trix, i was responding/commenting on Arsenes quote. I could care less about Arsenal, or City or Chelsea or any other team for that matter.
      Shitty United!? Sure if that works for you and the others.
      Consistency is key. So lets not get too carried away with this season just yet. Its great to see your in first place, assuming your an Arsenal fan, but its still early days.

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