A workmen rakes gravel next to the pitch inside the Estadio Beira-Rio stadium as work continues in preparation for the 2014 World Cup soccer championship in Porto Alegre

To help us out, we’re looking for questions about what could happen in football in 2014. Leave them here, or send an email to counterattack@thescore.com, or use the Twitter hashtag #CApodQs. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Will UEFA ever learn to stagger the start times of their games? Perhaps in 2014? Simultaneous kickoffs are reasonable on the final match day, but do we need all 86 games going at the same time all the time? It would be nice to be able to watch more than one live game. They must be passing up revenue by doing this.

  2. If UEFA allow the PSG “sponsorship deal” with the Qatar Tourism Authority to go through will financial fair play become the joke that everyone feared it would be, maintaining the status quo across Europe?

  3. With the gambling revelations in England, will the FA, UEFA, or any other organization take active steps in curtailing match fixing in 2014?

    Will Brazil be able to get their stadiums/surrounding infrastructure completed in time for the World Cup? Do you foresee any other possible problems; are you worried that the tourney will not run smoothly? I’m worried about a plane crash in the Amazon…

    • Wow even your questions are dumb. Really? You can’t just do some research and figure that stuff out for yourself. Wow. Think you’re so clever, using words like “curtailing” hahahaha.

      More fun/better questions would be like: How many tap in/spoon fed goals do you think ronalda will score against arsenal in the round of 16?

      I dunno, let’s start with a conservative estimate of 5.

  4. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have filled the top two spots for the past 4-5 years with not one other player threatening to break the trend… do you think that will continue to be the case in 2014, or will there finally be a legitimate new contender for either the second best or THE best player in the world?

  5. What was your craziest football related moment this year?

  6. A quick peek at the last week/day fixtures for 2013-2014:

    11 May 2014
    Manchester City v West Ham United
    Norwich City v Arsenal
    Cardiff City v Chelsea
    Southampton v Manchester United
    Liverpool v Newcastle United

    Do you think it will come down to these games for the Championship and Relegation?
    (OK i put ManUtd on there as a fan. But still)

  7. - Andy Carrol starts in the New Year and rediscovers (what ever it was) his Newcastle form. He MAKES the WC squad !?!?

    - Brazil vs Argentina WC Final

  8. - The favorites struggle in the WC and we have a First time WC winner

    - Liverpool win A (some) trophy and Suarez takes a bite of it (ala Rafeal Nadal). Literally

  9. Who was the most improved player in 2013 and who will be the breakout players of 2014?

  10. Depending on what happens in the January transfer window, is there a strong possibly that you can see Man United, not finish in the top four this year? And out of Liverpool, Everton or Spurs, which team would you see likely take that spot?

  11. Will Fireball make an appearance at next year’s World Cup?

  12. With TFC getting a DP under contract already and the confusion surrounding the Whitecaps and Impact at the moment, have Toronto become the best Canadian team in the MLS? If they continue this solid management, could they push for playoffs/title challenge in 2014?

    If Liverpool continue as they started at Spurs, will Steven Gerrard find his way back into the team?

    Has Barcelona’s crown as the princes of modern football slipped a bit? The year they’ve had hasn’t lived up to their lofty standard (they lost games!), but is this a problem with the team, or simply an issue of perception? Is there another team that is becoming “The World’s Team” in the same way that Barca did?

    Will football fans ever learn to just get along?

  13. With regards to the ManCitys dominant home form, Phil McNulty of BBC, wrote: ‘Away form is Pellegrini’s last Premier League problem’.
    Do you see ManCity continuing their home dominance in the new year? or will Arsenal scoring 3 goals, be used in part of a blue print to get results against them at home? Do you see the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and/or maybe even some of the smaller teams taking points away from them at home?

  14. All-time Premiership 11?

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