Liverpool's Suarez celebrates after scoring a goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in London

What should I watch this weekend?

Not really a clear winner in the Premier League on Saturday. Liverpool vs Cardiff City at 7:45 AM EST might be interesting for the Malky Mackay dynamic. In La Liga, Villarreal vs Sevilla at 10:00 AM EST is also worth checking out. And in the Bundesliga, Hertha have a chance to something cool when the visit Borussia Dortmund at 9:30 AM EST.

On Sunday in the Premier League, Southampton host Spurs at 8:30 AM, and there are couple of potential blockbusters in Ligue 1 with Marseille facing off against Bordeaux at 8:00 AM and PSG vs Lille at 3:00 PM.

In Serie A we have one of the least interesting Milan derbies in years at 2:45 PM, Bundesliga has Gladbach vs Wolfsburg at 9:30 AM, and in La Liga, Valencia take on Real Madrid at 3:00 PM.

For the full list of fixtures, visit here.

What’s the big story today?

Luis Suarez has finally been committed.

To a long term deal with currently undisclosed terms, though it is understood he will be the highest paid player in Liverpool history. This will put to rest continued speculation over the Uruguayan striker’s future, who only a few months ago seemed on the verge of a rift with the club over a pair of Arsenal bids last summer:

“I am delighted to have agreed a new deal with Liverpool and have my future secured for the long term. We have some great players and the team is improving all the time,” said the 26-year-old.

“I believe I can achieve the ambitions of winning trophies and playing at the very highest level with Liverpool. My aim is to help get us there as quickly as possible.”

So now we wait and see whether Suarez gets Liverpool to the Champions League. Nothing can go wrong there, amirite folks?

Any other news?

Cardiff City insist manager Malky Mackay will be manager of the club when they face Liverpool this weekend, this despite a letter yesterday from club owner Vincent Tan which apparently gave him an ultimatum: resign or be fired. It gets stupider:

The week-long Christmas pantomime involving the two men took another farcical twist when the assistant manager Dave Kerslake was thrust into centre stage at Friday morning’s pre-match press conference, at which Mackay was a “no-show”. The press were barred from filming outside the room and from tweeting and blogging during the conference.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been blocked from bringing you events as they happen, but stay tuned, and we’ll have a bulletin from the presser as soon as we can,” said a message on the Wales Online website.

The Daily Mail looks at the highest paid coaches/managers in the sport. Allardyce is up there, man.

Wenger is bullish on Arsenal’s chances against Chelsea post Man City.

Lionel Messi takes aim at Barcelona board for allegations over Messi demands for a pay increase, which the Argentine striker denies. Nice, gloves off.

Deuce comes back to Fulham!

And this is only mildly bonkers.

Any fun stuff?

Can’t embed it but the Beebs has a nice little video up on Jose Mourinho’s ‘radical’ tactics.

Any good reads?

Yes. L’Equipe has an epic long dong read on Paul Gascoigne by Alexandre Roos, Looking for Gazza. Here’s the opening para:

The last time Paul Gascoigne was seen in public it was November and he was having his left arm tattooed in Bournemouth. His usual hyperactive self, he accompanied the session with some out-of-tune harmonica playing, and it was a miracle the tattoo artist didn’t drive the needle deep into his arm. Paul Gascoigne revels in his obsessions and so he didn’t do this just once – no, he showed up at the tattoo studio five days in a row. A few weeks earlier he’d come out onto the balcony of his flat bare-chested and climbed onto the window ledge to clean his windows and prove that he was leading a normal life.

Comments (4)

  1. Getting the impression Messi is less and less enamored by Barcelona by the day.

    The Voyeur is sweating having to match up against a guy he has never beaten before. Methinks Liverpool is top come Monday night, Chelsea in second.

    • Methinks on current form Nicklas Bendtner would not look out of place starting for Chelsea. With nine days off, Podolski back, and Chelsea playing so very well in midweek, this is Arsenal’s best chance of beating Mourinho’s Chelsea.

      • I can’t imagine Podolski will be starting, given his lack of match fitness. I’d like to see:

        Szcz, Gibbs, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mert, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Özil, Theo, Giroud.

        That isn’t too far off full strength.

        • Except for Wilshere, i think that would have been the lineup that started, given Theo scoring twice against Mancity, otherwise seems full strength….maybe flamini….

          As a nuetral (manutd fan ;) ) i would love a draw…1-1 maybe

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