Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - FA Cup Third Round

After a lengthy holiday hiatus the Counter Attack Podcast is back.

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Happy New Year folks.

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  1. Out of all the teams that hovering around the bubble, fighting against relegation, are West Ham in the worst shape? Has Big Sam lost the plot, and turned into the Sam Allardyce “The Drunk Uncle.”

  2. Is the January transfer window really fair for mid- to lower-table teams who cannot afford the higher transfer fees required to bring players out of a club mid-season? Don’t the mega-rich clubs have an advantage in the January transfer window, or is this just the same thing as the summer transfer window?

  3. Should Valencia accept Peter Lim’s offer to buy the club?

  4. What are your favourite derbies in each of the top European leagues?

  5. Man United season, crap. What has been the stand out moment of how the season is heading?

  6. Bob Bradley signs for club Stabaek in Norway’s Tippeligaen. Was this a better move then MLS? Or well anywhere else in the world.

  7. Is Bayern’s team this year or even next year’s team a better side (players/depth etc.) /achieve more than Pep’s Barcelona side?

  8. The latest player to turn its back on my home country, Diego Costa, went over to spain after a long time of not being utilized by the rigid Felipão.

    Why won´t England attempt to do the same with Coutinho? Is it a matter of pride? Culture?

    In the past 2 world cups, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain have all had Brazilian players naturalized to play for their squads, when will England catch up to this trend?

    Should we then respect England more for have the only top flight European Nation with non naturalized citizen? Does that mean that in fact they have been the true champions of Europe the last 8 years, since they are the only ones who played with legitimate players?

    A question from a bitter Brazilian

  9. Will Big Sam finally lose the tag of “never been relegated”? Who, in an ideal world, would you like to see go down?

  10. This season has a lot of young players coming out making a name for themselves. januzaj, barkley, defuleu, morrison, luke shaw. then you have players like gnarby who doesn’t get many playing chances but has played phenomenal in every game hes featured in. Where do you think he places among the other up and comers and do you think he deserves more playing opportunities? Should arsenal put him on loan or will they need him in a backup role to challenge for t he title?

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