Manchester City v West Ham United - Capital One Cup Semi Final First Leg

Any games on today?

More cups! So many cups! We’ve got the Coppa Italia, which gives us a reasonable fixture in Roma vs Sampdoria at 12:00 PM EST, and the equally interesting Udinese vs Inter at 3:00 PM EST. Then there’s the Copa del Rey…which…I dunno man. Real Sociedad vs Villarreal at 1:30 PM? Meh.

What’s the big news?

It’s hard to say. I don’t like to poop where I eat (I mean who does?) but Toronto FC is making some legit news in the January transfer window, with the Jermain Defoe story confirmed and a strong indication that the club were not only in advanced talks with Roma’s Michael Bradley, but on the verge of signing the two (and announcing it this Monday) to the tune of $100 million. A story in Tweets:

There are some big question marks, particularly over whether Matias Laba will be traded or bought out to make room for Bradley in a DP slot alongside Defoe and Gilberto, but the Two Tims in Leiweke (MLSE president and CEO of MLSE) and Bezbatchenko (TFC GM) have made the biggest off-season move in recent (and long term) memory in MLS.

Any other news?

Man United players use the press to undermine David Moyes to save their own skins. Classic.

Big Sam Allardyce has two matches to right the ship over there at West Ham after a humiliating 6-0 first leg loss in the Capital One Cup (small sample size).

Chris Smalling forced to apologize after dressing up as a suicide bomber, is an actual headline that I just cut and pasted.

Rather predictably, the FA is investigating David Moyes’ remarks on referees being terrible or something following Man United’s 2-1 loss to Sunderland in the first leg of the Capital One Cup semifinal.

Arsenal’s transfer strategy to replace the injured Theo Walcott crashes and burns.

FIFA reiterates that no decision has been taken on moving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from the summer to the winter months.

Any fun stuff?

Alvaro Negredo plays football:

Any good reads?

Pinnacle Sports published a great article yesterday on gambling and “green lumber”:

While knowing about the market and risk is obviously the ideal situation, it’s vital to remember that understanding risk is as important, if not more so, than knowledge of the sport itself.

This contrasts with the images presented on the back pages of any national newspaper, where you are likely to find retired sports personalities heading tipping columns. It’s understandable that bettors might give weight to the opinion of say an ex-soccer player with regard to betting on soccer, but remember: soccer and betting on soccer are two completely separate domains.

And Honigstein’s interview with Hitzlsperger is worth it.

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  1. Moyes was always the wrong choice. The guy who should be managing the club currently runs things at Stamford Bridge, and whoever decided he was the wrong choice is an asshat.

    25 years ago, you could have a manager who learns on the job in the hotseat at United. United 25 years ago wasn’t United today. Ferguson was given a billion chances and he finally got it right, and the team became one of the world’s most successful clubs. So when he leaves, the idea is to take that progress and halt/reverse it by placing somebody who is clearly out of their element in one of the most revered positions in football? Bullshit. Someone’s head needs to roll for this, and that isn’t on Moyes. He just said yes, like any sane-minded individual would.

    • Newsflash: Ferguson is an asshat. I expect him to be fired from retirement post haste!

      • Why did he have to be the one to “hand pick” a successor? Why isn’t there a general manager of some sort to actually interview people and discuss the job? Was anything of the sort done?

        In this case, yes, Fergie is an asshat.

      • Funniest post ever.

    • ‘The guy who should be managing the club currently runs things at Stamford Bridge’ is a good short term solution but isnt the long term solution Man Utd wanted and have as part of their history.
      Mou would have been a good choice, but for that he would have needed funds, and I dont think the board or the owners would have made that available for him. Plus he would have only been around for 2-3 years before he moved on to say the Bundesliga for example or somewhere else. I know he said he wants to manage in England for 10 odd years but really, I dont see him managing Chelsea for more than 3 years at one go.
      So he was never an option, because of this.
      Moyes needs time and atleast two more transfer windows, 1 more season, to get it stable and right.
      No need to panic, its all very knee jerk.

      • But why does Man U need a manager who sticks around for ten+ years?

        Also, Mourinho would’ve needed money because the squad at Man U is terrible.

        You can call it knee jerk, but given that Man U gets at least 20 million pounds out of the Champions League, i’d call the current situation very very dire.

        • I think/feel ManUtd need a manager who sticks for ‘a while’ because of their philosophy. they had stuck with fegie for 26 years, and yes times were different then and very different now, the sport being more of a business for its owners specifically, but i dont think they would want to have a new manager every 2-3 seasons. They still want to follow their history and maintain their culture and stuff and move forward. I am saying this is the right way and Mou would have been the wrong choice, I just think at United his philosphy and personality would clash with the ownership and board and whoever.

          In truth, the midfield and defence and to some extent the attack need upgrades. Major and minor ones for sure. And for that any manager be it Mou or Moyes or anyone else need money which is very true. The problem i think is that Mou tends to go for

          Look at Chelsea and City for example. Yes they have rich owners and are performing very well this season and will do given the players for 2 -4 more years, but even though they are generating record revenues they are amassing massive debts as well. (I dont have the link or numbers of hand but from memory ) United have owners who havent put them in a great financial situation. They are still the number 2 or 3 most valued club and come in around that position in terms of revenue but the massive debt takes away from that.

          Personally I still think Moyes is a good hire, ofcourse time will only tell. But he needs a couple transfer windows and yes CL is a big thing, not only for the 20mill revenue but also as an attraction for players. And him being a new name managing a big club there will always be questions, like the link provided above: ‘Man United players use the press to undermine David Moyes to save their own skins. Classic.’

          Players and Manager are both to blame in the United instance. I would love to have seen Zaha been given more of a run than say ashley young or even for that matter giggs. We have Adnan on the right, with valencia and sometimes rafeal but no left winger/attacker. Only Evra.

          • If i’m an owner, the last thing I want to do is give a manager as much power and influence as SAF had. Mourinho demands a lot, but he knows how and when to tow the party line. That’s why he’s back for round two with Abramovich, that’s why Moratti still speaks highly of him.

  2. the link for the TFC story has a blurb about DeRo being ‘re introduced’. is this legit?

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