1. Zlatan through the ages

2. Zlatan makes a funny face at some jerk

3. Zlatan wants something to happen and it doesn’t happen

4. Zlatan humiliates England and is awesome (wins Puskas award)

5. Zlatan thinks something is funny in an interview

6. Zlatan back heel

7. Zlatan makes me cry (real)

Comments (8)

  1. Please get off your buzzfeed crack.

    Sincerely, your readers

  2. Long Live the ZKing…ZLATAN…
    +1 for the same celebration for all these years…
    Great player…true Winner

  3. Thank You Mr. Whittall

  4. He’s just an awesome player to watch. He gives great interviews and sound bites. Long live the Zlatan there will never be a player like him.

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