West Ham United v Manchester City - Capital One Cup Semi Final Second Leg

Any games on today?

How many Coupe de France and Coppa Italia rounds have there been? It’s endless. And today you can add the Dutch Cup and the Copa del Rey. Levante vs Barca ‘rematch’ at 4:00 PM. And if you can find it, there’s Ajax vs Feyenoord at 2:45 PM EST. Oh and there’s the League Cup second leg semi between Man United and Sunderland, 2:45 PM EST.

What’s the big story?

It’s going to happen: Mata from Chelsea to Man United for a ghastly sum of money–£40m–if only the Spanish winger would say, “Let me go!”:

Chelsea and Manchester United have provisionally agreed a £40m fee for Juan Mata, though the champions are yet to make a formal bid and any deal to take the 25-year-old to Old Trafford remains dependent on him personally informing José Mourinho of his desire to move.

Negotiations between officials from the two clubs are at an advanced stage, with the transfer said to be “almost complete” by sources close to the discussions.

Despite the lack of an official offer from United for Mata, who has found first-team opportunities relatively limited at Stamford Bridge this season under Mourinho, the London club anticipate that situation changing soon as there is a little over a week of the current window remaining.

I will simply say, this will happen. Though this bit of transfer news is even more delightful, with the Telegraph reporting Real Madrid are after Wayne Rooney for £25 million. Mata worth £15 million more than Rooney. That’s a million pounds shy of what City paid for Alvaro Negredo. The market makes no sense, and yet it still never ceases to amaze.

Any other news?

Roberto Mancini claims he is responsible for Manchester City’s current success, which isn’t entirely untrue you know.

Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva looks like he could be out for up to two months.

Bayern’s Dante admits Moyes’ United has been showing interest in him lately. Not romantically though. For football. Playing football.

FIFA warns that the World Cup 2014 host city Curitiba could lose its scheduled World Cup matches unless work progressed significantly.

Any fun stuff?

How is Milan preparing to roar back up the Serie A table? DODGE BALL!

Any good reads today?

This from Put Niels in Goal is pretty great:

Reading or writing about football, then, is reliant on an account of a past that is incomplete. Even a trained journalist, sat at a match and writing contemporaneous notes will produce an incomplete record. This does not matter, especially, for the writing of a report that picks the bones of ninety plus minutes to claw out five hundred words. But it does mean that the two major historical records of a game, the visual recording of it if that exists, and the match report if that exists, are both missing lots and lots. And that is for a game that, it was decided, merited recording. What of the millions of games per year that do not?

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  1. Rooney is world class player, journalist can write any thing, how many clubs are lining for mata or alvaro, the journalist knows how many clubs crave to have the services of rooney, being a fan of manu l can say if rooney leaves it will pain but at least we should be happy that he was very special to manu with his never give up attitude.

  2. moyes & fergie are not fools rooney for 25m while mata for 15 millions more than roo. the journalist is kidding , they say just because they want to say , so let them say what they have to say.

    • Rooney has one year left on his deal after this season and has been pretty clear about not re-signing with United. Mata is signed until 2018, has proven himself in two leagues, is more versatile and is 3 years younger than Rooney. The valuations are more than fair.

      • Let me put this in a way you can understand.

        David Silva > Santi Cazorla > Juan Mata

        Only Silva is in the conversation for a starting spot in Spanish national team.

        man u are getting the worst out of the 3 ‘bench players’. Mata is over hyped. He’s okay, but nothing spectacular. $40M for him? HAHAHAHAHAHA

        It’s official. man u are the next arsenal hahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Mata is wose than Cazorla and Silva? This is a guy that single handedly kept Chelski above water the last two seasons…. the guy is amazing. I mean, I’m not going to knock Silva, he’s fantastic, although proabably not as good a finisher as Mata, you might argue Silva has the edge in terms of creativity (but frankly it’s a close to call). Cazorla simply has not put up the numbers of Mata or Silva, and while I think he’s a great player, untill you do it, you haven’t done it.

          • Yea, sure.

            As if you know more than Vincente Del Bosque regarding these three.

            Silva can play anywhere in the three in a 4-2-3-1. Hell, he even played the false nine role and scored a sick header in the final vs italy.

            Cazorla can play anywhere in the three as well & excel in each role.

            Mata can only play in the middle. He’s absolutely useless out wide.

            Fine, I’ll give you this…in terms of ONLY centre attacking mid:

            David Silva > Juan Mata > Santi Cazorla

            But in terms of the overall player, the above sequence remains true.

          • previous sequence***

  3. Just to make it clear, satish and roshan are the same person.

    • Because the grammar wasn’t giving it away, sir?

    • Satish Roshan and Richard Whittall are the same person. drumming up interest and controversy in his own blog. for shame (the previous comment is complete and utter bullshit and probably shouldn’t have wasted the electrons necessary to have it displayed, for some reason I couldn’t stop myself. carry on. Satishan, you are a knob. the immediately previous comment is not bullshit but hidden well from those still working on their grammar skills. my french/italian/spanish are all much worse as I am still working on those)

  4. “Mancini didn’t build that.”

  5. In OTHER other news. Former NHL coach Ralph Kruger (Edmonton Oilers) is close to joining the management team of Southampton. Crazy!

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