Any games on this weekend?

Yes! On Saturday in the Premier League, we have Everton vs Aston Villa at 10:00 AM EST, perhaps only to see how Roberto Martinez’s squad rebounds from their midweek shellacking. There’s also the Tyne-Wear derby at 7:45 AM EST, with Newcastle vs Sunderland.

In the BundesligaSchalke 04 take on Wolfsburg at 9:30 AM EST, and in Serie Ait’s Milan vs Torino at 2:45 PM in a vital game for Seedorf. Finally, La Liga features Barcelona vs Valencia at 10:00 AM EST.

On Sunday in the Premier LeagueArsenal host the defensively stalwart Crystal Palace at 11:00 AM EST.  Then Bayern face Eintracht Frankfurt at 11:30 AM in the Bundesliga. In Serie A the marquee game is Juventus vs Inter at 2:45 PM EST, and in La Liga, it’s Atletico Madrid against Real Sociedad at 1:00 PM EST followed by Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid at 3:00 PM.

What’s the big story?

It’s DEADLINE DAY! Which means none of us know what’s going on, which deals are in fact happening and which are just part of an elaborate hallucination, fun house of speculation posing as fact and vice versa. Part of me thinks it’s always best to just spend today watching the Back to the Future trilogy and then spending tomorrow morning checking Transfermarkt.

So far Chelsea have picked up Kurt Zouma from St. Etienne for £12.5m, Arsenal have suddenly gone for Kim Kallstrom at Spartak Moscow, and Berbatov is set to leave for Monaco, apparently. Rumour has it. There’s a lot more. Basically every single broadsheet has a Transfer Deadline Day ticker available. But if you want the action to come to you, I suggest downloading theScore app.

Any other news?

Racing Santander walk off the pitch yesterday during a Copa del Rey match against Real Sociedad in protest for not receiving wages for six months.

Juventus and Saints in Osvaldo talks.

Any fun stuff?

Well, this isn’t really ‘fun’ in any sense of the word, but the Football Ramble have unearthed more evidence of the brutal ‘charm’ of Keys and Gray. Awful.

Any good reads?

Yes! David Conn with a great investigation into Chelsea’s ownership of third party player economic rights.

Comments (3)

  1. theScore app for the win! ;)

  2. I’m always surprised that you don’t do any analysis of the new signings. I mean, you’re a huge proponent of stats, yet you rarely ever do the analysis yourself. I personally would love to understand why a team like Arsenal would go get Kallstrom besides the obvious left-footedness or why Zouma is a good pickup beyond just *he has promise*. Is there any statistical comparison to the player? Not physically or the cliche *he plays like Ronaldo* crap, but statistically. I compare you to the other blogs on this site who trumpet statistics like Bourne’s and Stoeten’s. When they wish to make a point about a new signing or trade, they compare statistics. The last couple of transfer periods here have been a lot of whinging about transfers, but no analysis of the transfers. Just throwing that out there.

    • It’s a fair point, but I don’t trust individual player metrics used in some analytics circles enough yet to use them to make definitive claims (like ExpGs). Moreover, the most useful individual player metrics are DIY stuff. I can definitely look into doing more of it though, if you like, and just litter it with caveats.

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