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Any games on today?

One FA Cup fixture, Fulham vs Sheffield United at 2:45 PM. One Coppa Italia fixture, Udinese vs Fiorentina at 3:00 PM. And then some Eredivisie games.

What’s the big story?

Chelsea’s incredible 0-1 defeat of Manchester City last night saw an upbeat Jose Mourinho speak in reserved terms about his team’s ‘evolution’ this season, and downplayed any and all title aspirations. Classic Mourinho, then. Always a subtext, always a goal beyond the obvious. It’s seduction. As part of this pantomime routine, Mourinho told a story about an inspirational half-time team talk. Only he wasn’t the one who gave it:

“I didn’t speak. It was Billy the masseur that spoke to the team. He was screaming so much in Scottish I didn’t understand him. I am serious. But the players were clapping. It was Billy’s team-talk,”

What was said? Probably something about working every play through Demichelis. But to Jose, it came out as “Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!” Sounds about right.

Any other news?

Joe Kinnear had one job as Newcastle’s director of football, he couldn’t do it, and so he quit.

Mario Balotelli got a haircut, which is news!

Carlos Vela won’t be selected to go to Mexico as the national team gives up on an old flame.

David Beckham close to picking up MLS team for a song.

Any fun stuff?

One more time from Ivanovic:

Any good reads?

Prepare to get your rage on! It’s Tuesday, and Adrian Durham has opinions.

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  1. yes yes yes in moronho we trust

  2. So, uh, do all the “Mourinho plays boring, defensive football” asshats wanna speak up now?

    • This is a joke, right? That he *has* played boring, defensive football is a fact. We all saw his Inter and prior Chelsea sides. That doesn’t mean he’ll do it every game, of course, but we also saw the games against Man U and Arsenal earlier this season, in which he parked the bus. Additionally, I think a lot of teams are wishing they’d played City when DiMichelis was in midfield.

  3. Please never link to Adrian Durham again under “good reads”.

  4. Durham, ranting about how Arsenal should have signed people from England’s lower leagues to solve their striker problem, said “Ings and Vokes are better than Bendtner.”

    Right, because those two are nailed-on guarantees to score two against Italy for their national side, eh?

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