Fulham - Felix Magath Press Conference

Let us say for the point of argument you bought some entity for the price of $300 million. You didn’t buy it to make hundreds of millions more necessarily, but you also don’t want it to decrease significantly in value.

Now, let’s also suppose that, shortly after your purchase, it seemed on the verge of a major dip in price, a situation where it might remain for some time. And so you act! You sack the current director of this minor business interest, and you introduce some fresh blood in a desperate bid to turn the whole thing around.

What would you want from this director? I would hope an evidence-based diagnosis of the problem, and a clear, quickly implementable solution. “We’re not doing this, and we need to do this, and here is the evidence why.”

Well this $300 million entity is in fact Fulham Football Club. And the owner, Shaheed Khan, did indeed act in moving along Rene Meulensteen (not long after he’d already sacked Martin Jol) and replacing him with Felix Magath. And this is the grand plan in place from the German manager:

“Why I should change my training? I am the most successful coach of Germany,” said Magath. “Until now everyone has lived [through] my training. No one died. Ask Raúl about my work. Ask the good players and you will get the right answers. I am a nice guy.

“The most important thing for me is to begin to work as fast as we can. I called them into work on Sunday to give us time to get to know each other. The players have to know me and they have to try to understand what I want.

“We have to work, to stay together and fight against relegation. That is all [we have to do] in the next few weeks. I have worked with some clubs who were on the bottom and I was never relegated. I am sure we will avoid relegation.

“I don’t care about the past and I have no influence in the past. I have seen where we are in the table and I have to see where it can be improved. I don’t care about other managers, I have my way of playing.”

Perhaps this plan was more detailed when it was given in person with Fulham chief executive Alistair Mackintosh. Maybe it included Magath’s notorious training regimen, which purportedly involved players collapsing from exhaustion. How exactly that will stop Fulham’s horrible slide and win six games has yet to be publicly explained, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. Right?