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Uruguay v Italy: 3rd Place Match - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

Paris Saint-Germain have reportedly bid ~€59 million for Napoli’s Edinson Cavani. The kicker though is Napoli have set a €63 million release clause for the Uruguayan international. Hey there ناصر بن غانم الخليفي if you’re reading this, why not simply give Leonardo the missing €4 million and get things rolling?

There may be a host of possible answers to that tantalizing question (if you’re the type of person who finds these things tantalizing), but one answer is that PSG considers €63 million is simply too high a valuation. Shocking stuff. And probably not the right answer.

If PSG’s backers were to negotiate with Napoli over this relatively small amount, what recourse would they have to deliberately low-ball on the release clause? There may be a few things. What might help would be some sort of objective look at whether Napoli’s valuation is totally batshit insane to begin with.

Yesterday I wrote an, erm, review of the CIES Football Observatory’s Annual Review. I drew specific attention to their final section on economic value—simply put, the authors used their own algorithm based on a host of performative and historical factors to come up with a baseline transfer value.

Now, I’m on the record as a believer in the concept that “market rate” is simply a function of what someone is willing to pay for something. So whatever Cavani eventually goes for will be his “real” transfer value. However, that shouldn’t prevent analytics firms for trying to come up with a reasonable, empirically-based transfer value to keep things kind of sensible.

Okay, so the magic number: what does CIES think Cavani is worth? €58.3 to €67.8 million. So no, Napoli are not insane. And neither, crucially are PSG.

So what follows is some mega speculomasturbation, but my hunch is that PSG knows Aurelio de Laurentiis’ valuation has scared off some big name suitors, leaving only Real Madrid left to make a possible bid. They likely know they’re within Cavani’s “actual” valuation, and that Napoli might have reasonable grounds not to quibble over 4 million should Real Madrid decide spending that much money on a single player wouldn’t be worth it.

Both parties have recourse to third party evidence that they’re within their “right minds.” While I personally think spending nearly €60 million mortgaging your future away on a single player is about as stupid as you can get, the price is right.

FC Bayern Muenchen VfB Stuttgart - DFB Cup Final

With the Neymar saga complete the transfer mongers have shifted their sights to Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez. Bild is reporting the German striker is on his way to Napoli, which means Edinson Cavani is most probably leaving. In terms of dominoes this is a big one, with Cavani looking to get some of that Falcao money.

In all competitions this season Gomez recorded 23 goals on 33 shots on target in 18 starts. Croatian Mario Mandzukic ate into his playing time, making the man with the best button in the whole world an expendable piece for the treble winners.

More to come as news develops. Bild’s reputation, while dicey, was bolstered after breaking the Goetze news.

Good on these Napoli fans for leaving the guy some food and water.

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Paolo Bandini joins James and KJ to chat Serie A including the ever-rising star of Edinson Cavani, and we wrap it up with some League Cup trivia.

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Yes this happened last Sunday, but with Gangnam style becoming the most ‘liked’ viral video of all time we’d be remiss not to commemorate it with a weekly feature – footballers doing it in celebration. Ladies and gentleman, presenting Edinson Cavani and the dance of all dances:

These ought to have been a positive few days for Napoli. Walter Mazzarri’s team have opened the new Serie A season with two wins, seen promising young forward Lorenzo Insigne called up to the national team, and convinced their best player, Edinson Cavani, to extend his contract through to 2017.

Better yet, they even managed to enjoy a joke at the expense of the latter’s suitors along the way, the team’s owner Aurelio De Laurentiis announcing at a deadline day press conference that Cavani had his heart set on a move to “cold Manchester”. The player, sat alongside him, played along for a moment before confirming that it was all lies, stating the belief that he could win trophies with Napoli as he prepared to sign his new deal.

It was a classic piece of De Laurentiis theatre, the latest in a line of such stunts from a man who made his fortune producing movies and last summer had his team’s biggest signing turn up to meet the press wearing a lion mask. Not even De Laurentiis, however, could have sufficient charisma to distract viewers from the shocking state of his team’s pitch during their first home game of the season.
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