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It’s sometimes difficult to remember to think before you Tweet. We’ve all been there, me more than others. Even so, while I’m no PR flack, my gut tells me this is not an exchange you want to have on Twitter.

The backstory. Stephane Mbia used to play for Marseille. He now wants to return following the relegation of his current club QPR. So he half jokingly asked Joey Barton this on the Twitter today:

To which Joey replied:

Words that will live long in the memory should Barton ever find himself on the wrong side of a relegation battle. In any case this is at least a step up; Barton was today served a two-game ban for calling PSG’s Thiago Silva a “fat ladyboy.”


It’s an easy way to win over Marseille fans—slagging off anyone or anything connected to Paris Saint-Germain—but the truth is, everyone connected to Marseille loved Joey Barton before he called Thiago Silva an “over-rated Brazilian” and “ladyboy” on Twitter last week.

Barton basked in the ovation he received when he came on as a substitute in Marseille’s 1-0 win over Bordeaux last weekend. It was his first game since his latest high-profile Twitter row with the Brazilian defender, who riled up the midfielder with an interview in L’Equipe in which he talked about Barton but refused to mention his name.

“There’s a Marseille player whose name I don’t recall, he’s English, who has been speaking badly about Neymar and about Brazilian football in general and even about Beckham and Ibra,” Silva said.

“The thing is, no-one speaks about him, so it must amuse him to perhaps spit on great players so that people know that he exists. What this guy should never forget is that there are more stars on the Brazil jersey than on any other football shirt. It makes me want to win [the World Cup] even more to shut that Englishman up. What does he know about Brazilian football? I don’t remember having played against him for the national team.”

At that stage, Barton would have been wise to keep quiet, as he had clearly got under Silva’s skin. But that is not the Barton way. As he put it in a rare interview with Sport & Style magazine last week: “Being on Twitter is like giving a box of matches to an arsonist but at the same time, it’s done me a lot of good because without having a journalist in front of you who already has an idea of what he wants to write, you’re able to control the message: and that’s me.
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Paris Saint-Germain aren’t exactly pleased with Joseph Barton’s crass opinion on Brazilian centre-back Thiago Silva. The Ligue 1 club released a terse statement that included this statement: “Thiago Silva et le Paris Saint-Germain se réservent le droit d’intenter toute action qu’ils jugeront nécessaire,” or Thiago Silva and PSG reserve the right to take any action they judge is necessary” in response.

The statement also asserts the remarks go beyond mere “verbal jousting” and are “serious attacks.” I’ve heard PSG’s owners aren’t afraid of sending a cease and desist letter now and again; lets hope Barton finally gets the message.

Paris Saint-Germain FC v Marseille Olympic OM - French Cup
Joey Barton spent his night off enjoying some six nations rugby action. England lost, making this unhinged Barton rant possible. He even took a jab at old foe Didi Hamann. As Cercidas once said, “Sometimes you lose. Thats elite level sport you knobheads…”

JB’s first red card in France wasn’t spectacular. It was Joey being Joey. Nancy defeated Marseille 1-0 at Stade Vélodrome. Barton red. All is right with the world.

“Never let a dog try to tell you it’s not a dog. A dog is a fucking dog.”

God this, Twitter feud got ugly fast:

Clearly at pains to find something to write about (I know the pain of that Martin, but it’s a tad odd considering I think you’re limited to one column a day), Martin Samuel chose to bait Joey Barton. He writes in the Daily Mail:

The gay pressure group, Stonewall, has called again for football to tackle its ‘culture of fear’, while Anders Lindegaard, the Manchester United goalkeeper, has said that football needs a ‘gay hero’.
So here’s a thought. Joey Barton continues his quest for intellectual and social respectability. Why not come out as gay?

I wouldn’t have necessarily written that Samuel is a horrible person in the past, but this article provides compelling evidence. You’re (hopefully) going to be reading a lot about this today, so I want to add my two cents.

First, this article is not offensive because it “picks on” Barton, and nor is it offensive because it presumes Barton is gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay, so I get a little wary of those who go into conniption fits when they’re “accused” of being something they’re patently not.
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