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Netherlands v Estonia - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier
Like checking up on–read: cyber stalking–the people that have deleted you from their life, we here at the Counter Attack are keeping tabs on the International exploits of Jonathan De Guzman. The following is a running log of his time on the pitch against Estonia yesterday. The Dutch won 3-0, with goals from Rafael Van der Vaart, Robin Van Persie and Ruben Schaken. JDG2 came off in the 86th minute.

Opening whistle

- JDG2 and Van Persie exchange pleasantries before the match. De Guzman disparages the writing ability of Margaret Atwood. “Alias Grace wasn’t that good.” Two ounces of drool seep helplessly from RVP’s mouth. Read the rest of this entry »

Apologies for the terrible headline. Let the dream die, Canadian football fans. JDG2 will suit up for the Netherlands. Whether he sees the pitch for a meaningful game remains to be seen, though his current form indicates he’s not far off.