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Manchester City's Argentinian footballerYour daily dose of international intrigue involves Football super agent slash ‘fund manager’ Kia Joorabchian and his mentor Boris Berezovsky.

Via the BBC:

“The exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has been found dead at his home in Surrey. The circumstances of the death of Mr Berezovsky – a wanted man in Russia, and an opponent of President Vladimir Putin – are not yet known.A former Kremlin power-broker whose fortunes declined under Mr Putin, Mr Berezovsky emigrated to the UK in 2000.Last year, he lost a £3bn ($4.7bn) damages claim against Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.”

The two made news back in 2007, when a judge in Sao Paulo ordered their arrest after money-laundering allegations linked them to their investment in Corinthians. Berezovsky claimed the warrant stemmed from the Kremlin’s vendetta against him. Media Sports Investment–Joorabchian’s firm– was suspected of investing in Corinthians as a way to launder tainted money from oversees. Corinithians cut ties with MSI and players like Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano were sold off. The club was relegated from Brazil’s first division soon after.

The Joorabchian-Tevez relationship was a strange one altogether.

Joorabchian and Berezovsky’s relationship goes back to  1999, when American Capital, owned by Joorabchian and an associate bought Russian newspaper Kommersant. American capital passed on ownership of the paper to Berezovsky. Many–read:everyone– believed the Russian oligarch was behind American Capital’s bid in the first place.

Berezovsky became wealthy by selling imported Mercedes in the 1990s. After helping Putin gain power in the late 90s he was pushed aside and left Russia in self-imposed exile.

Anyways, Berezovsky’s suspicious demise carries some of the hallmarks of Alexander Litvinenko’s death in 2006, though e was said to be struggling financially and rumors of suicide have already surfaced.

More on this as it relates to football in any way.


Swiss club Sion has been through the ringer the past few years, facing off with UEFA in court due to a ban from the Europa league for fielding ineligible players. Club president Christian Constantin–described as eccentric;  never a good thing– sacked Victor Munoz during the team’s loss to FC Thun on Sunday.

After joining the team as a player to start the 2012/13 season, captain Gennaro Gattuso was named the new manager on Monday. Yesterday Gattuso managed his first ever match, leading Sion to a 2-0 victory at Lausanne.

Via Football Italia:

Gattuso’s debut saw his side earn a 2-0 win in Lausanne, securing their qualification for the Swiss Cup semi-final. He performed three substitutions from the pitch, including himself four minutes from time.

Note to TFC manager Ryan Nelsen: you can actually pull this off. Please do it. You’ll achieve legend status pretty quick.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not a huge fan of February 14th. Correction: I don’t like this day at all. As I write this post in a bachelor apartment that doesn’t do the whole ‘Sunlight’ thing well I’d like to send a message to the Counter Attack readers that have it all figured out. Don’t take it for granted.

That’s a little dramatic. Also, tears don’t transfer through keyboards. Counter Attack reader and graphic designer extraordinaire Saurabh Ananth has filled the void, creating hilarious football V-day cards that will make you forget about your horrible lives (you equals me etc. etc).  Check out his portfolio here.









Enjoy tomorrow. Take your significant other out for dinner. Note: Swiss Chalet is not considered going ‘out.’

The holidays are a trying time. Avoiding relatives, buying awful gifts nobody likes — it’s tough. With that said we’ve all got to get through it. Referee Mick Russell couldn’t.

From the BBC:

“Huddersfield manager Simon Grayson says referee Mick Russell’s failure to send off a Sheffield Wednesday player he booked twice is “staggering”. Russell showed midfielder Jeremy Helan a second yellow card in the 26th minute of the 0-0 draw between the sides but did not produce a red card.”

The incident brought back memories of the 2006 World Cup, when Graham Poll booked Croatian defender Josip Simunic three times before sending him off in a game against Australia.

It’s almost over. With New Year’s day comes rejuvenation (and a crippling hangover). Championship football will survive this embarrassment. We’ve all been there, Mick.

The greatest photo ever? The greatest photo ever.

Blackburn’s “global adviser” – only Venky’s, bah – Shebby Singh made waves earlier this month at a meeting organized by the Blackburn Rovers Action Group. Singh claimed manager Steve Kean would be fired if he lost three consecutive npower Championship games. The former Malaysian footballer also called Morten Gamst Pedersen – the longest serving Rover – a pensioner. Dude’s only 30.

Singh issued this apology days later:

“My blunt honesty also sometimes upsets people and sometimes rubs people up the wrong way. I am making efforts to bring the club back to the fans and, in trying to do that, I have gone too far. I am trying to find the middle ground.”

Yesterday Pederson scored the winner in Blackburn’s 2-1 triumph over Leicester City. The old man busted out a cane during his goal celebration in a clear dig at Singh’s comments. So many questions.

How long was this planned?

Who owns the cane?

It’s a good thing he scored early in the season – having that ever ominous cane on the sidelines for months would’ve gotten weird.

Image via 30 FPS

Gahhh. Rooney was the subject of an accidental Hugo Rodallega studding late in United’s nail biting 3-2 victory over Fulham. The Footy Show is torn – KJ believes Wayne will be back soon, while Sharms says he’s out for a while. Your prediction?

Our friends over at the MMA blog tell me there is quite a big fight coming up this weekend involving Brazilian MMA superstar Anderson Silva.

During a pre-fight photo op/bizarre sparring session Silva took out some aggression on his countryman, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. OG Ronaldo has been battling Hypothyroidism for some time – which explains his portly physique. In any case it’s nice to see my childhood hero active in the public eye again, without the prostitutes.

H/t to Sean Keay for the video.