Visual approximation of Mike Wilner taking JaysTalk calls about Derek Jeter.

Has Colby Rasmus lost his job? Find out on today’s very special long weekend version of As The Blue Jays Turn…


OK, OK, we’ll do a proper game threat. Yes, it’s been a lazy couple of days ’round here on DJF mountain. Don’t expect that to continue next week, but it seemed as good a time as any to check out for a little bit — even though I actually was at Rogers Centre for the past two games, the latter of which was one of the most enjoyable of the season (at least among those I’ve been to, I think) — and to give the ol’ mind brain a reset. Which I’m totally going to keep doing over the long weekend, I suspect, unless anything too crazy happens.

This, of course, will mean there will be no weepy paeans to Deh-reck Jeet-ah from these parts, as “the captain” makes his last appearance in Toronto, save for an unlikeliest-of-unlikely trip back here during the post-season. He’s had a pretty terrific career, though, obviously, and it’ll actually kinda be nice this weekend that Jays fans won’t reflexively boo him just because he’s the only name on the other team that half of them recognize. Y’know?


Meh. Oh, except for this!…

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. New York (AL); Sunday, 1:07 PM ET vs. New York (AL)

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (R)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
DH Colby Rasmus (L)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Poo Yuck Stankees

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
3B Martin Prado (R)
1B Mark Teixeira (S)
C Brian McCann (L)
DH Carlos Beltran (S)
LF Brett Gardner (L)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
2B Stephen Drew (L)

LHP Chris Capuano

It’s my friend Kevin’s birthday, so I’m already at the bar, and about to head to the game, and so all I’ve got for you tonight is this half-assed Game Threat… which, honestly, is pretty much all this damn season deserves at this point anyway, eh? I’ll come back around, it’s just right now it’s a little tough to get amped about the grind. I know you know this too!


That. Is. Amazing.

Huge crotch grab in the direction of @bigmf99 for the screen grab from, and I hope it’s intentional, but no, this is not a post in which I’m going to join the army of dopes who think they can divine a manager’s ability to imbue his team with “want.” Because that would be stupid. (I am, in the coming weeks, hopefully going to do a series of posts making the case to keep Anthopoulos, to fire him, to rebuild, and to keep going ahead with the current core — all of which are pretty defensible positions — but Gibbons? Nah, he’s good).

Also stupid, probably, is combining the little gag above with a post about Sergio Santo’s latest DFA, but the picture came across my screen as I was searching for something to write about all that, and… um… about that… uh… thing is…

Santos’s miserable season continued last night, as he managed to get just one out, followed by a monstrous Mike Napoli home run, a double, and then yet another dinger, turning the 6-4 deficit Casey Janssen (and some terrible defending) had left him with in the top of the 11th into an 11-4 disaster. And it was indignity piled on indignity this morning, as the club made it official that Santos has been designated for assignment, with Chad Jenkins being recalled.

Santos has a $6-million club option for next season, and even though declining it means costing the club $750K, plus another $1.5-million to buy out his 2016 and 2017 options as well, certainly they’re not going to pick that option up. And putting him through waivers at least gives the club a chance, unlikely as it is, that some team will claim him and they can be off the hook for those buyouts.

It’s pretty much the same story as the last time he was designated, only with Chad Jenkins, not Rob Rasmussen, being the player recalled in his place, and without the possibility that Sergio will go back down to the minors and find himself. He may yet clear waivers and find himself back on the 40-man and back on the roster before all is said and done, but I’d figure that in all likelihood Santos’s time with the Jays is over.

Welp. It was a good try…




HELLO KEVIN PIL– … wait… huh? He’s not even in the lineup?

Fuck, I don’t know.