Deadly PR Stunts

Working in public relations, and being an enormous fan of baseball (read: pathetic), I enjoy criticizing the communications staff and marketing stunts of most big league teams.

Sometimes my disparagement is out of bitterness that I’m not working for a baseball club, while other times, it’s because the promotions are absolutely fucking lame.

Take for instance, the publicity stunt (more like a publicity bunt) surrounding a June 9th baseball game in Los Angeles between the Dodgers and our Toronto Blue Jays.

Knowing that Toronto’s own ex-Deadly Snake mega superstar singer Andre Ethier (who sorta looks like a faggoty, balding version of Tim Sylvia) has the exact same name as Dodger great, right fielder Andre Ethier (who sorta looks like the Hispanic version of an Asian person), what would you do if you were a PR whiz for the Dodgers?

a) Make a derogatory comment to yourself about a shitty Canadian indie band that broke up a couple summers back and no one cared.

b) Jokingly post messages to both Ethiers’ MySpace sites, purposely confusing the two and collectively serving them slices of humble pie.

c) Post a message on Deadly Ethier’s MySpace site, explaining that your name is Signe and that you work in Public Relations with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Go on to mention how you came across his profile because he shares a name with one of your players! Then inform him that you had checked out his music and would love to see if he would be available to perform O Canada in Los Angeles on June 9th at your game vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. You could then go on to ask him to send you an email at if this interests him at all and that way the two of you could discuss all the further details. Then, close by saying that you just wanted to put it out there…thanks!

Obviously, you chose c because your name is likely Signe and you keep picturing this headline: Holy fucking shit! Newsflash. Newsflash. Two people with the same name will be in the same spot at the same time!

The Dodgers are really taking a risk that this whole enterprise doesn’t blow up in their face with a metaphysical Y2K-style meltdown. Oh God, the humanity.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, and the Toronto Blue Jays aren’t bringing enough misery into your life, you may want to sadistically check out the Deadly Ethier promote his own solo album while performing with Jill Barber at the Mod Club on the first of June. Tickets will most likely be available indefinitely.

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  1. You are a hypocrite. Why use language such as “who sorta looks like a faggoty, balding version of Tim Sylvia” and chastize Yunel Escobar for much less?

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