A-Rod; Only Yankee Scoring

With the New York media in town, it was only a matter of time until something scandalous happened in Toronto.

As reported by the New York Post, Yankee third baseman and all around asshole, Alex Rodriguez, was spotted dining with a skanky blonde at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse. The complete and utter douche bag was then seen visiting The Brass Rail until around midnight, when he and his lady-friend checked into the Four Seasons. Meanwhile, his Yankee teammates stayed at the Park Hyatt.

I imagine his wife Cynthia was likely at home with their two year-old child.

What a class act this bozo is.

It’s such a given that A-Rod is a fuckwit that the most shocking item in the article that I read, was that they referred to The Brass Rail as “one of the city’s most exclusive” and “glitzy strip club(s).”

I guess when the competition is Jilly’s and The Landing Strip, that’s understandable, but still.

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