While I normally leave the Keith Law verbal hand jobs to Stoeten, who’s much better suited for such activity (left-handed and rides side saddle if you know what I mean), it’s Thursday afternoon and I find myself jonesing for yet another edition of Keith Law’s weekly ESPN online chat. Unfortunately, this week, Law is actually leading his life instead of answering questions from the type of people who get really excited by such things as the bloggers at Fire Joe Morgan revealing their identity.

I have to admit that I was slow to come around to Law. Without having read his blogging for ESPN, I formed an opinion of him as some sort of numbers nerd who turned into a self-proclaimed scout, without any pedigree. The whole “Vernon Wells won’t sign with Toronto” thing only compounded my uninformed feelings.

However, since then I’ve come to appreciate Law’s no nonsense approach to scouting and baseball analysis. I mean how can you not love a guy who calls bullshit on “intangibles” and is actually honest when he says he doesn’t care where prospects rank in other rankings while he’s considering his own.

It’s always more fun and usually a better read to shit on the topic you’re writing about, but every once in a while, you have to hand it to someone. It may be redundant at this point to recommend Keith Law on a baseball blog, but if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to check out one of his ESPN chats while it’s happening (and still free).

The questions and answers always seem to vary between four archetypes.


Some nerdy sap asks Law’s opinion on a prospect I’ve never heard of, from a Major League team I barely knew existed. More often than not, it ends up that Law spent time with this player’s parents at a College game two years ago, and was there when the player proposed to his long-term girlfriend last year.

I don’t know his schedule, but Law is able to speak from experience on such an enormous range of prospects that I’m surprised he has time for anything other than College and Minor League baseball.


In order to prove that he’s not merely a soulless baseball robot, Law has a personal blog about cooking and literature. He also fields a variety of questions during his chats on recent reads and the best places to buy fish.

He’s a renaissance man in the true sense of the word (not being used just to describe a player who can play both the infield or outfield).


Despite his well-informed opinions, some chuckle heads still feel it necessary to inform Mr. Law that he sucks. Despite the sting of the words coming from these keyboard warriors, Law will still publish the more humourous ones in his chats and give back better than he got.

Most importantly, he does so in a refreshingly sarcastic way, that minimizes self-righteousness and doesn’t involve disclosing his compensation.


Do you guys remember Mr. Geography, the Toronto taxi cab driver that would sometimes show up on Conan and challenge people to ask him a geography question he couldn’t answer properly?

Keith Law gets a lot of those type of questions.

While I have a hard enough time remembering that Brandon League is a righthander (a trait I likely share with Brandon League), and he’s a reliever on my favourite team, Law is able to seamlessly pull out information off the top of his head on almost every Major League Baseball topic.

I realize that his chats are somewhat moderated, but he can go from answering a question about Minnesota’s OBP last year to the Astros lineup against lefties within a click of the refresh button.

Okay, so that should be enough to rival Stoeten’s man crush and allow me the privilege of being the first to get a restraining order from Keith Law’s attorney.

Best Regards.

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