Godfrey’s Hour

You know you’re desperate for news when you post two videos of Paul Godfrey in one week.

For your viewing pleasure: Godfrey’s version of Talkin’ Mitchell Report Blues with The Great George Snuffleupagus.

Like most of George Stroumboulopoulos’s interviews, the real hardball questions were saved for ten minutes after the show, when Strombo had left the studio. Nevertheless, Godfrey comes out of this looking knowledgeable and articulate, which should make up for the creepiness he exuded during his victory lap around Rogers Centre.

They say that Stroumboulopoulos has a pizza named after him in his hometown of Malton, Ontario. It has a thick crust, artificial flavouring and leaves a terrible taste in your mouth.

Update: The Tao Of Stieb have been following Mr. Godfrey’s scheme to sell Jays tickets for April games against the Tigers and Red Sox to opposing fans in Detroit and Boston before the tickets are even available to local fans in Toronto.

To be honest, I have no problem with doing this for the Tigers series, which rarely draws a sell-out crowd. However, if the Jays are currently selling home opener tickets to Red Sox fans in Boston, it is simply unforgivable. The home opener is an annual sell out, and there’s no excuse to offer them to opposing fans first.

More on this later, when I have the time to give my ire the proper voice.

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