Reiterate, Reiterate:

It’s easy to read too much into Jesse Litsch’s lacklustre performance yesterday against the Tigers, but please check out Jordan Bastian’s blog post from last night which should put things into perspective.

The Cookie Cutter Story Du Jour:

Thirty-eight newspapers mention the fact that B.J. Ryan threw a live batting practice session to a few Minor League hitters on Thursday.

The session reportedly went well, but in all honesty, something would’ve had to have gone disastrously wrong for it not to be considered another step forward for The Beej. Following his workout, Ryan was scheduled to meet with Dr. Timothy Kremcheck, the surgeon who performed the tendon replacement surgery, to check up on the reliever’s arm.

Unable to throw during the offseason, The Beej worked on his concentration, and actually walked across fiery coals as part of his mental training. Alex Rodriguez is also expected to walk on fire, but that won’t happen until I find out where he lives . . . and pick up some kerosene . . . and some matches.

Just kidding, lawyers.

Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog:

Like most of you, I’ve been enjoying the extra Spring Training coverage from a few of the major media outlets’ baseball blogs. They’ve been more than informative.

Yesterday, we learned that Mike Wilner is off the Herbal Magic (and that’s not what the kids are callin’ marijuana these days either), Cathal Kelly and Jeremy Sandler are modern day Peter Fondas and Dennis Hoppers (who write about baseball and wear glasses) and Robert MacLeod turns into Jeff Blair whenever the inevitability of bad traffic arises.

Sidenote On Blair: On Prime Time Sports last night, Bob McCown christened our favourite crotchety baseball columnist The Snappy Turtle.

Seriously though, the media blogs covering the Jays, or iCabs (as Neate Sager calls them), have become a whole lot more readable once the journalists figured out that blogs aren’t just for rejected column ideas.

A special mention goes out to The Snappy Turtle, whose sarcasm and dry wit translate very well into the blogosphere. Blair actually shows evidence of having read a blog or two in his lifetime by including relevant links to other blogs and newspapers in his posts.

Obviously, Mike Wilner continues his bonerific run of ‘giner wetting coverage by keeping readers up to date through a liveish blog of the Jays Spring Training schedule.

We Want More

Listening to The Chuck Swirsky Show on the FAN 590 yesterday afternoon, I found myself cringing when The Swirsk began peppering T.J. Ford with questions that seemed more likely to be found in an exclusive from Tiger Beat Magazine than a mid-afternoon sports radio program.

However, after that fleeting moment of feeling superior, I realized that one of my favourite pieces of Jays coverage from last season was the one hour preview on Rogers Sportsnet that offered viewers a behind the scenes look at Spring Training.

My favourite segments included Aaron Hill’s Florida real estate investment and Gregg Zaun’s love of breakfast.

Hill purchased a house in Florida that he opened up to Jeremy Accardo, Russ Adams and Josh Banks during Spring Training. Together, they drank wine, played video games and listened to Hill perform Layla on his guitar into the wee hours of the morning.

Huh. Two baseball players under one roof. I wonder what that’s like.

In the other segment, Zaun was shown ordering a Breakfast Biggie from a Denny’s-like establishment and remarking on his fondness for the most important meal of the day. The only member of the Blue Jays to enjoy a larger Breakfast Biggie is Frank Thomas, but his needs two flushes and a hatchet before it will go down.

I hope Rogers Sportsnet is working on a similar feature this Spring.

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