Bangin’ In The Nails

For those with a complete lack of discernible judgment when it comes to television broadcasting, the only real bad news coming out of yesterday’s Spring Training telethon on City TV was the shaky performance of A.J. Burnett. Burnett gave up three hits and a walk over two innings of work, allowing two runs.

Following the game, word broke that the finicky pitcher pulled a Roman Centurion and banged in the finger nail on his index finger when he shut a car door on his hand in November. Burnett uses that nail to dig into the seam of the ball when he throws a curve. No nail means no hook.

Despite differing opinions between pitching coach Brad Arnsberg and Burnett, there is a consensus that a curve ball isn’t going to come out of the Jays number two pitcher for at least a couple weeks. A number two hasn’t been held up this long since I last went camping in Algonquin Park.

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