Roster Update

Our favourite General Manager with a Massachusetts accent has spent today tinkering with the Blue Jays roster like he was a recently retired senior with an annoying wife and a garage he refers to as his shop.

First off, former catching hopeful Robinzon Diaz was sent to the Pittsburgh Pirates to complete the shocking and astounding deal that landed third baseman Jose Bautista last week. Ricciardi followed this up by demoting Kevin Mench to Syracuse where he will join Shaun Marcum. Now, everyone is waiting with bated breath to see who will fill the newly opened roster spot and how the shape of the new recruit’s cranium will compare to Mench’s watermelon.

Speaking of Marcum, the rumours continue to swirl as Mike Wilner guested this afternoon on Doug McLean and Jack Armstrong’s new afternoon show (which makes me feel a little bit better about our podcast). Wilner repeated that he has never had reason to believe that Marcum’s attitude was a negative influence in the clubhouse.

Still this statement by Cito Gaston is far too vague to not think that something is fishy with Marcum being sent down:

There’s something going on that needs to be corrected. That’s what we felt like. So let him go pitch a couple games down there, and hopefully he’ll come back when we get back home. If he works it out, then we’ll get him back and put him back in the rotation.

Wilner also pointed out that because of the Triple A schedule, Marcum will be lucky to get in two starts before September callups.

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